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Location recce south norwood lakes


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Location recce south norwood lakes

  1. 1. Production Schedule Location Visit SheetClient: Big quanWriter: big quanProducer: Shannon, chloe and larelleDirector: Shannon, chloe and larelleDate:Photos of location, including electricity points, access or specialconsiderationsAccess to location via:south norwood lakes is a public park avaliable to anyone. The 410 buswill take you right outside. Coming from crystal palace you get the 410towards wallingtion and get of the stop harris city accademy samestop going towards crystal palace.
  2. 2. Name and number of location contact:South Norwood Lake and Grounds is a park in South Norwood in theLondon Borough of Croydon. The main entrance is in WoodvaleAvenue while other entrances are located in Auckland Road andSylvan Road. The area measures up to 281⁄2 acres 11.53 hectares..Telephone 020 8726 6900Fax 020 8760 5622Email & safety issues to note:Whilst at south norwood lakes a health and saety issue would be is anyof our characters have heyfeather or are alergic to particular plants inthe location. Another health and safety issue would be the lakes, wewill have to be careful of the and any animals in their habbitact.Potential filming problems:A portential filming problem would be the weather conditions. If in themiddle of filming it started to rain there would be a problem and wewould hae to rescedual or filming.