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The matrix parody ws


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The matrix parody ws

  1. 1. Screenplay
  2. 2. INT. LEO’S BEDROOMThe scene opens in a bedroom. There is a young man lying upin the bed with his headphones plugged into his ears. On thedesk by his bedside is a laptop. Across the room is atelevision which is playing a news clip about the war oncrime. The young man is of average build with black hairparted in the front and a light goatee on his chin. He bearsthe look of anxiety and nervousness.An instant message pops up on his laptop computer screen. Hecatches notice and rolls over towards the keyboard torespond. The following conversation ensues.STRANGERHello, Leo.LEOWhy do you keep messaging me?STRANGERI want to show you something.LEOTell me who you are.STRANGEROpen up.At the receive of the message, there is a knock on thebedroom door that alarms Leo.LEOWho’s there?No one answers Leo’s call, but the knocks continue. He getsup from his bed and slowly makes his way to the door.LEOHello?The knocks continue. Leo reaches the doorknob and begins totwist it and the door is immediately pushed open. Leostumbles backwards and onto the floor.STRANGERCrime shows are not the way to liveyour life, Leo.Leo slowly clambers back to his feet scratching the back ofhis head. The stranger is standing in front of thetelevision smiling.(CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2.LEOWhat are you doing here? Who areyou?STRANGER(slowly turns to face Leogrinning)I am Transformeous. And I’m here tohelp you discover the truth.Transformeous walks over to Leo’s desk here he has a fewbooks lying in a pile.TRANSFORMEOUSI see you’ve been doing a bit ofreading, yes Leo?Transformeous picks up two books from Leo’s desk. They arefamous Media Theory books.LEOYes actually, "The Hunger Games."It’s rather good.Both characters put down their respective books andTransformeous walks over to look out the window, but doesnot turn up the blinds in front of it.TRANSFORMEOUSWhat do you see when you lookoutside, Leo?LEOThat crime is everywhere, and itssafer to just sit inside and learnabout on the news.TRANSFORMEOUSDo you know what I see Leo?LEOBlinds?TRANSFORMEOUSI see a safe place that has beenviewed as scary and frightening dothe very same television you watch.LEOBut why would the television andthe internet lie? they’re the mostaccurate source of media, asidefrom the Bible. They’re all truth.(CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3.TRANSFORMEOUSNo Leo, they’re not. But I’m hereto help you discover the truth, ifyou wish.LEOHow?TRANSFORMEOUSPlease, have a seat.Transformeous pulls up a chair for Leo and then one forhimself as they sit facing each other. Leo continues to lookanxious and on edge. Transformeous looks calm andcontroling.TRANSFORMEOUSHave you ever felt that you weren’tin control. That a higher power wastelling you what to think.LEOYes all the time.TRANSFORMEOUSThat you are blind to what youcould actually see if they weren’tin the way.LEOYes. Thats Linda to a TTRANSFORMEOUS(confused)Linda?LEOMy ex. very dominant and abusive.Always in control and telling mewhat to think.TRANSFORMEOUSNot what I meant. I can’t tell youthe truth about the world Leo. Ican only show youLeo looks in awe and in disbelief.TRANSFORMEOUSIn my hands I hold two objects tohelp you discover the truth. Youmay only select one.(CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4.LEOWhy can’t I have both?TRANSFORMEOUSBecause then I won’t have one.LEOFair.TRANSFORMEOUSIn one hand, a map. This map willhelp you uncover territory younever thought you’d find and guideyou to see the truth.LEOSeems pirate-y. and the other?TRANSFORMEOUSA lens. Looking through this lensewill help you see more clearly thereality of the world we live indisguised by the news reports youwatch. The choice is yours.Leo puts his hand over. He starts thinking very heavily.Then puts hand over the lens.LEOWill this mean that I have to whereglasses?TRANSFORMEOUSNo.Leo reaches down and takes the lens out of Transformeous’hand. He puts it over his eye.LEONothing looks different?TRANSFORMEOUSLook outside.EXT. TEMPLE’S CAMPUSLeo is walking up and downt the campus looking at crime thatused to scare him then looking at it again through the lensehe has been given and now he sees that the crime is actuallyacts of kindness, that has been disguised by the media tomake him think the world was scary.