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Evil genius beer

  1. 1. Shannon AbrahamProfessor PearseAdvertising Media Planning12 December 2012Evil Genius BeerCompany Overview:Evil Genius Beer is a forthcoming company ready to hit the beer scene. At this instanttheir working with a team in Cooperstown Brewing Company in New York State, with dreams ofdeveloping their own company in the near future. Evil Genius has found a new location in WestGrove, Pennsylvania where they want to start their own production of beers. Apart from enteringthe beer seen Evil Genius will be faced with several obstacles. Firstly Evil Genius is entering thebeer game as a craft brewer, which already is a hard business to be involved in. Secondly EvilGenius is an upcoming company with no publicity and brand acknowledgment.Evil Genius needs to start constructing strong relationships with local beer distributors inthe Pennsylvania area. They also need to keep control of all cost and operations during thedevelopment of Evil Genius. Evil Genius needs to maintain the best high-quality products thatthey can make available and become well-known based on those factors. Evil Genius is acompany coming out sturdy with twelve different flavored types of beer. The company has awell put together website and is continuously updated and appears professional. The company ison the peak of keeping up with the latest social media trends by having a Facebook page and aTwitter account. Evil Genius will be in competition with sixty-four breweries in Pennsylvaniaalone and 1,704 breweries across America. Evil Genius has good contenders who are all overPennsylvania like Sly Fox Brewing Company, Dock Street Brewery, Lancaster BrewingCompany and Old Forge Brewing Company.Target Market: (Demographics/Psychographics/Market/Parameters)For a business like Evil Genius we want to mainly target adults (men and women)between the ages of 25 to 44. This is the ideal age group based on the fact that it is around thetime when people are well recognized in their careers or have been moving forward in their jobs.When careers are started or in progress, the higher the income a person possesses the more likely
  2. 2. chance they would purchase craft beer. The age group of 25-44 also means targeted market willbe for adult households producing at a range of $25,000 to $75,000. Evil genius will becontending with some top brands of beer, but some of the main competitors from Pennsylvaniawill be Twin Lakes, White Rascal, Pork Slap and Endless Summer Ale. Evil Genius is located inWest Grove, Pennsylvania with a mind set of spreading out beer. The set limitations for EvilGenus at the time being will be to sell their products (beer) all over Pennsylvania.Best three media options:As I explained beforehand Evil Genius is a beer company still emerging and expanding.Their main concern isn’t the fact they do not have great beer products to sale or that their a craftbrewer. The main dilemma is we need to focus on getting the word out about Evil Genius andtheir twelve great flavors. Evil Genius is not arriving to Pennsylvania until 2014 which gives usenough time to use Print, OOH ads and Radio to spread the message about Evil Genius. Print,OOH ads and Radio with the right amount of creativity and the proper placements we can takeadvantage of Evil Genius throughout the city of Philadelphia. Print, OOH ads and Radio come inso many varieties that explaining and showcasing Evil Genius is all in the creative process. Printadvertising has been a successful way for small businesses to advertise their products or servicesto the public. Since our print ad is only getting the attention of Pennsylvania, advertising in thelocal community papers makes sense; that way you can draw the locals to your business. Placinga print ad in a particular section of the newspaper plays a role in increasing the number of peopleviewing our ads. OOH bulletins are one of the best ways to impact the mobile population andspread a simple and direct message to the masses. OOH ads can be 8-sheet posters that can beused to target local business and aim at certain neighborhoods and shops. Evil Genius being anupcoming business, radio is inexpensive and a successful advertising media. Creating andacquiring a well-written radio ad, coupled with continual exposure will help introduce EvilGenius.
  3. 3. Print Ad:Newspaper print ads are one of the earliest methods in advertising. “Fifty-seven percentof adults in the U.S. read a daily newspaper. Sixty-seven percent read a Sunday paper. Theyspend almost 45 minutes per day reading at least one paper, and over an hour on Sunday.Newspapers get the biggest share of advertising revenue in this country. Almost 22% of all addollars go to newspapers. Over 85% of that money is spent by local advertisers. There are over1,600 daily papers in the United States with a circulation approaching 58 million. There are over7,000 weekly papers with a circulation of over 50 million.”(http://www.bhavesads.com/advertisement/dealing-with-newspaper-advertising.php)Why should we expose Evil Genius Beer to newspaper ads? Its simple newspapers aremore educated and upscale and allow for long copy. Newspapers allow editorial synergy bysection of the paper and short lead times gives lots of message flexibility. Newspapers tend totarget an older target audience (35+), who maintain a higher income and have high educationallevels which fits our demographic perfectly (class PowerPoint notes).With the help of newspaper ads Evil Genius can target geographically through the use ofzoned editions in major daily papers, or by using smaller community newspapers. Thenewspaper ads are considered a credible source for editorial and in turn gives the ads credibilityand also have versatility in ad sizes. The ads can be purchased in black and white or in color andcan purchase inserts that get blown into paper (class PowerPoint notes).With a new business in process of being created my main newspaper companies I wouldlike to attract for my ad placements are-Metro - The Philadelphia version of a free paper that offers local and nationalnews on weekdays and is easiest to find during your morning travel (SEPTAlocations).Philadelphia Daily News - The Daily News is Philadelphias daily scandalouspaper, providing news, sports and of course your dose of gossip.City Paper and Philadelphia Weekly - The Philadelphia Weekly and City Paperare free, scattered around the city and focus on art and entertainment along withlocal news.
  4. 4. OOH:With so make different styles of media from print, digital and OOH to substitute for EvilGenius’s exposure, I would have to go with OOH. OOH advertising has a goal to make aconnection with the consumer and the product that’s being advertised. A study done by ArbitronOutdoor states “more than 90% of U.S. residents aged 18 or older are exposed to outdooradvertising each day”. All outdoor advertisements can be reached out to consumers 24/7 nomatter the situation. OOH ads can be seen when people are on lunch breaks, walking throughoutthe mall, or just commuting.To expose Evil Genius Beer to OOH advertising would be great because we can reach themasses, maintain campaign message constantly, creative visuals can be created, you cangeographically target your consumers, and with the technology improving we have digitalbillboards now (class PowerPoint notes). CBS Outdoors states “three-quarters of outdoor viewersshop on their way home from work, more than two-thirds make their shopping decisions while inthe car and more than one third make the decision to stop at the store while on their way home”.I will place advertisements on the highway with a bulletin, use busses with the companyad on the side of the bus, and lastly advertise on bus stands all in the Philadelphia area.Billboards are great OOH advertisement because you can pick exact locations/intersections onthe highway in Philadelphia. Based on the National In-Car Study, they have calculated such datelike 18 ½ hours per week on the road, billboards move consumers to do actions like attend anevent (58%)/store (50%) and 71% of travelers notice billboard ads. I would place a bulletin ad atthe end of I-76 entering Philadelphia on the bases that there is a high percentage of driversbetween the ages of 25 to 44 driving towards Philadelphia/The City and based on RegionalTraffic Reports it’s considered the worst roads for congestion.The other two OOH ads were bus kings and bus stands. Based on the National In-CarStudy, they have calculated that in a seven day span 59% of people pay attention to public busads. I will place the busses that are mostly used to go to Market St, Sugar House Casino, AmtrakStation, International Airport and Penn’s Landing. I choice busses that transport to thesedestinations because I believe these would be places where our targeted consumers (adults) andage group will be located. Based on the National In-Car Study, they have calculated that in aseven day span that 47% of people pay attention to bus stop ads. I would place bus stands at the
  5. 5. same locations I had mentioned for the bus destinations including 30th St Station, RittenhouseSquare, Philadelphia Art Museum/East River Drive and the Love Park.Radio:Radio advertising can help Evil Genius business produce more traffic, make more sales andslowly over time increase profit. The advantages of using the radio ads were that Evil Geniuscan target their advertising to a precise audience. Various radio stations have different formats,from news/talk to old and new music. Radio helps decide who we are trying to get in touch with(adults- male and female ages 25 to 44), and then choose the radio format that we want reachedto our audience. A 30 second ad on the radio is less expensive than a 30 second TV ad and it isalso easier to produce. Radio ads can be produced very quickly, whereas television ads can takeup to days. With radio there are plentiful added value opportunities by being on local or nationallevels (bonus spots or website sponsorships). Radio offers various time lengths from :05 to :60seconds of air time and we can manage when during the day we would like to be aired, alongwith who our targeted groups are.For Evil Genius it would be smart to take the top five radio stations in Pennsylvania andthe ones with the highest percent of target completion. The radio stations I have chosen (shownin the data table below) have a mix of listeners from news, rock and all the latest hits. Eventhough there are other stations that get a higher percentage of listeners when it comes to ads thenthe amount calculated for the CBS News station, I believe that station probably has the highestamount of people listening between the ages of 25 to 44. When it comes to the ads for EvilGenius, it would be best to have them advertised during the morning and evening rush hourtimes. Apart from radio stations I would like to place Evil Genius ads on Pandora and Spotify.Right Mix:For any business who is relocating and starting fresh there are so many things they haveto worry about and deal with high caution. One major factor especially is how much money isgoing to be used and wasted. Money is not just for advertising, there are bills and othernecessities the business has to worry about. Using advertisements like print, OOH and radio,
  6. 6. Evil Genius can advertise all over Pennsylvania for a good set price. All the variousadvertisement methods were using is set in a way that it is targeting our audience in more thanjust one way. We have newspaper s, billboards and radio ads and our targeted audience will bereached to.Not the time for that type of media:Two other commonly used methods of media that could have been used to advertise EvilGenius would have been print and digital. When dealing with print we already have that issue ofreadership declining due to other resources that’s available like the internet and also peoplehaving busy lifestyles preventing people reading the newspaper and magazines like they used to.Print material like newspapers have a short life span and also people are not looking throughoutthe whole newspaper and just taking out what they want. Also print ads contain clusters of adsand have a higher CPM than most media’s. Pint materials like magazines take a long lead timefor materials (1-2 months for trade pubs). Magazines itself take time to produce and can beexpensive for many people and not many people subscribe to magazines.When dealing with digital media you have issues like client/user unfamiliarity, requiringtime to build scale and evolving Mediascape. Along with using digital display you are bound tolower the direct response and have the incapability to reach broad scales when targeting selectedpopulations. Digital media can be paid search, but this is not commonly the best resource to useto create and built awareness.Perfection:With the plans for Print, OOH and Radio ads the company will spread the message ofbeing the new micro brewery called “Evil Genius Beer”. Just like our print, OOH and radio adswe can narrow where exactly we want our ads placed/aired and who we want to target. For acompany that is just opening up and trying to gain consumers in the Pennsylvania region,working their way up slowly and spending their budget wisely they will be just fine in the longrun. At the starting stages of any business you just want to get your name out there quickly andeffectively. As the business grows and the profit margins increases, the types of media ads can betaken to another level and increase in business shall take place.
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  8. 8. OOH Bulletin
  9. 9. OOH Bus KingOOH Bus Shelter