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Creative brief


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Creative brief

  1. 1. CREATIVE BRIEFClient: FreshDirectAgency: C&S Agency (Chris Min & Shannon Abraham)Background:Introduced to the New York market in 2002, FreshDirect is a online grocery store that delivers toboth homes and offices. It grew popular for its convenience, fresh food and lower prices thanmany Manhattan supermarkets. FreshDirect is popular for its distribution of organic food andlocally grown items, as well as items that consumers see in supermarkets daily. FreshDirect alsodelivers numerous Kosher foods and is recognized by the Marine Stewardship Council as acertified sustainable seafood vendor.Business Problem:FreshDirect has just started to service the Philadelphia area and lacks awareness among thepeople of Philadelphia. It is popular in NYC, because most New Yorkers already get most thingsdelivered and most don’t own their own cars.Objective:To raise awareness among parents about FreshDirect an online grocery store that providesdeliveries throughout the Philadelphia area.Target audience:Our target audience is parents with children ranging from infants to kindergarteners. They have aHHI of $25,000 – 75,000. They either have full time jobs or are a full time homemaker. Theyhave at least a Bachelors degree, are tech savoy, and are able to utilize smart phones. Groceryshopping is a task that involves juggling around nap times, children nagging for certain items, andheavy bags. They are willing and open to trying online grocery shopping.Whats the single most important thing to say:Peace of mind. I.e.:Peace from not having to buy a lot snacksPeace from worrying about bring your infant child out to a germ filled grocery storePeace from children running around the storeWhat are the supporting rational and emotional reasons to believe and buy:We want to show FreshDirect as a convenient and trustworthy online grocery store. That providesthe freshest produce, meats, and baked goods in the midst of a hectic parental lifestyle.• FreshDirect has a daily freshness rating that updated every morning for the produce andseafood• FreshDirect makes bread fresh everyday• FreshDirect works with local farmer for their meat and produce• FreshDirect has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every order, every time.• FreshDirect is an easy to use online grocery store with a mobile app.Tone:Warm, Caring, Comforting, Upbeat, Personal, ConfidentMandates:Logo, webpage