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China's QQ

  1. 1. Chinas QQBy Shannon Ma
  2. 2. World Internet Usage Worlds Population: 7 Billion 1/3 of population using Internet by the end of 2011 Total of 2.3 Billion Internet Users China alone accounted for 23percent of the worlds internet users. Population over 1.4 Billion People
  3. 3. Top Web Sites World China1. Google 1. Baidu2. Facebook 2. QQ.com3. YouTube 3. Taobao.com4. Yahoo! 4. Sina.com5. 5. Wikipedia 6. Weibo.com7. Windows Live 7. 163.com8. Twitter 8. Tmall.com9. 9. Sohu.com10. Amazon 10.
  4. 4. Why Are China’s Social Media Sites Different? “The speed of revolution among Chinese Internet social sites is so fast that it makes Google, Yahoo and Amazon look like molasses in January on the Siberian border.”-Junko Yoshida"Chinese Internet service companies thrive on quick decisions. Based on the instantaneous feedbackthey get from their local users, local guys can make a change overnight. Meanwhile, for multinational Internet companies, it takes them three months [to institute similar changes].“-Jian-Yue Pan
  5. 5. China’s Internet UsersStudy by ForresterIn China, the average 55-64 year-old ChineseInternet user is more active than the 25-34 year-old American Internet user "in a majorityof social behaviors“ Why?• Limited space for expression in Traditional Chinese media• Post 80’s Generation – One Child Policy – Making up for lost time
  6. 6. Tencent Backgound Info• Tencent was founded in November of 1998• One of Chinas largest and most used Internet service portals• Business Goal: “To provide users with "one-stop online lifestyle services."• Launched 1999 – Tencents leading internet platform
  7. 7. What is QQ IM?• Instant messaging platform site• Similar to Skype• Offers many sub features – QQ Mail – QQ Games – QZone – File Storage – Picture Upload
  8. 8. QQ Users• QQ IM at its peak attained 711.7 million user accounts• Over 167 million daily users – Skypes highest: 40 million• Record highest number of people logged in at once: 174,283,313 people• Real-time map showing number of users
  9. 9. QQ Users ContinuedGreen: Over-representedRed: Under-represented
  10. 10. Why Is QQ So Popular?• Provides “One-stop online lifestyle services.” -Tencent• Constantly being updated with new features• Completely customizable• Allows users to show their personalities
  11. 11. Q Zone• Over 600 Million registered users• Blog that users can access using QQ accounts• Similar to Facebook because they both focus on social interaction• Difference: Q Zone is completly customizable – Backgounds – Music players – Banners – Different font sizes and colors
  12. 12. QQ International• Launched in 2008• Available in English, Japanese and French• QQi, “is intended for users worldwide to connect with their Chinese friends, clients, customers, or just about anyone anywhere in the world”-Tencent• Tencent’s goal is that QQi will be the instant messaging system foreigners automatically use when arriving in China• Allows access to over 700 million QQ users in China