Digital Communications Blueprint


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Digital Communications Blueprint

  1. 1. Interactive PR Web BREAKTHROUGHCOMMUNICATIONS Search BLUEPRINT Video Mobile Advertising Social Digital Communications
  2. 2. Are you having a hard time getting your brand noticed in such a crowded marketplace? Face it, breaking through to your audience across multiple channels is complicated. In fact, over 70% of CMOs say they’re behind the curve when it comes to integrated communications. And most companies are stifled by me-too messages, internal obstacles or agency inertia. So how are you supposed to make it work? Use this blueprint to guide you towards breakthrough digital communications, one step at a time.#1BIZ GOALSUltimately, what are you trying to #2 AUDIENCE Who is your audience? #3MEDIUM Do you know where your audience interacts?accomplish? (Check all that apply.) Customers Where do you need to be present? Generate leads and revenue Employees (Rank in order of importance to your audience.) Delight customers Consumers 1 On websites Create value Influencers 1 With mobile devices Increase brand awareness Investors 1 On social networks (which ones?) Establish thought leadership C-Level Execs 1 With media and blogs 1 Offline and at events 1 Other - What problem do you solve for them? - What are their demographics? - What do they want? - Who are their influencers? Digital Communications 1
  3. 3. #4CONTENTWhat do you want people to experience? #5 EXECUTION How to break through: #6 MEASUREMENT How to know it’s working: Emotional connection - Is your message differentiated? - Do you tie your measurement back to original business goals? Customer delight Useful knowledge and education Brand affinity - What communications channels do you use? - What do you measure? PR Awareness- What kind of content do they want? Advertising Reputation Compelling stories Interactive Metrics Case studies Mobile marketing Customer acquisition News and insight Social marketing Relevant research and data SEO/SEM Shareable content Speaking and events - What tools/tracking do you have in place? Video Infographics Social content - Is your message coordinated across every - Who is responsible for measurement? channel?- What action do you want them to take? Purchase Recommend - How many teams and/or agencies do you - Do you measure frequently enough? Comment Share have engaged? Write or publish - Who is responsible for ensuring that your story and campaigns are consistent and cohesive across every channel?THE NEXT STEPNeed a little help turning your blueprint into a powerful communications program? Let us know. We’ll spend a day testing, tuning and optimizing yourblueprint for maximum impact – with recommendations tailored just for your business. This gratis consultation will include a custom microsite and a two-hoursession to review our findings and recommendations.Sound good? Email us at to get started. Digital Communications 2