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Top 15 free android games for your smart device


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Android phones are continuously getting so much popularity because of their ability to support featured apps

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Top 15 free android games for your smart device

  1. 1. Top 15 Free AndroidGames For Your Smart DevicePublished by :
  2. 2. Android phones are continuously getting so much popularity because of their abilityto support featured apps. If you are a big game lover and looking for some best gamesfor your smart device, then here is a list of most popular top 20 Free Android GamesFor Your Smart Device.Angry Birds Birds are angry, because they need your intention. This is an amazingly popular game that has recently moved from iOS to android operating system. This game earned over 2 million downloads during its week of availability. Unlike the apple release, the android version of Angry Birds is 100% free. Just download the game for free and start enjoyingwith angry birds.World WarWorld War is another popular game for your android devices which was released inOctober 2010 and scored the top list within a very short period of time. The basic storyof this game is related to the nuclear world wars. You can also play this game asmultiplayer live with your online friends and other gamers.Replica IslandIt is another smart game for your smart device. This game is downloaded and playedby millions of android users every month. The basic idea behind this game isadventure. You can enjoy its adventurous levels by playing it on your android device.Gem Miner andmake your treasure. The game contains micro managing the raw materials you search.
  3. 3. You can upgrade your digging power and buy better and bigger maps and tools. Thisgame really looks great with your android device, just download it and start enjoyingthe endless adventure.Air ControlAir traffic based games are very popular in android phone users. This game is on thetop list in the air based games. Millions of smart phone users are downloading andplaying this game around the world.Bonsai BlastThis game is similar to the puzzle bubble game that was released in 90s. Shoot the 3matched colored balls and enjoy the bonuses. The action of the game gets moreintense as you play. This is a game you will never put down.AbductionYour close friends have been abducted by the aliens. It is game based on UFO. Followthe UFO in to the space and pick up power-while playing the game.BebbledTry an opportunity to play the best jawbreaker android game for your smart phoneintroducing Online, campaign modes, freestyle, with more than 30 different stages.Sketch OnlineIt is a fast paced, time killing and fun online game with the feature of multiplayerwhere you can play with your friends and online android gamers. This game is really
  4. 4. interesting where one player has to draw a given word while other player has to guessit.Robo DefenseIt is an ultimate portable tower defense gaming experience. It features upgradabletowers, achievements, stat upgrade, open maps, and very eye catching graphics.Homerun Battle 3D Free d goproviding the best app ever for the smart phone devices.TrapThis is another fun game in which you capture the screen area by trapping movingballs inside the walls. Like many other games, this game also contains power ups andbonus system. You can also learn to score million points in a single level.Open Sudokuinstall new packs of Sudoku puzzles generated by Sudoku producers. This game alsoprovides bonus puzzles including Sudoku.Brain Genius DeluxeIt is a daily dose for your brain and you take original brain exercises on daily basis. Youcan train your brain with 24 touch and motion controlled games.
  5. 5. Cestos FullBattle it out with anyone, anywhere, anytime, in the one and only multiplayer androidgame. Win to gain experience, customize your avatar, unlock new features, andsocialized with your good friends.Summary:The best android games for free amazing apps are available for your smart androiddevices. Get the unlimited experience of top 15 best free android games getentertained with your smart android phone. Visit our site to learn more :