Rotary Bainbridge Island and Social Media


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Rotary Bainbridge Island and Social Media

  1. 1. Succeed with Social MediaThe Bainbridge Island Experience
  2. 2. Pee tr rsnesShannon EvansMarit Saltrones
  3. 3. #RI5020
  4. 4. H tr - R tr is y oay o A cio utn More than 50 years of tradition April 2011 • Inactive Facebook page July 2011 • 103,838 Facebook views• How we got here
  5. 5. C s Su y ae td T oP g s T oP ro e w a e – w up ss
  6. 6. F c b o Cu P g ae o k l a e b• Promote Events• Share Rotary Int’l• Promote Local Community• Record and Take Part in History as it Happens
  7. 7. Po f inte er s ro is h M tic
  8. 8. W e o te u t n e k fh A cio
  9. 9. D g a dL g s o s n eo – W oK e ? h n w!
  10. 10. USE THE TOOLS THEYUSEW is your target? ho
  11. 11. C m u ic t nT o o m n aio o l s
  12. 12. T it r wt e C m u it B il ga dL tn gC ne o m n y ud in n is in e tr e 140 Powerful Characters:•Connect W Others ith•Build Community•Promote Awareness•Build Consensus•Make an Impact
  13. 13. T it r b civs w t O j te e e• Add content about events related to your community, your projects• “Retweet” (share) other’s Tweets to build rapport• Ask questions to build interest• Sparingly add links to related materials and sites• Creating and sustain community – be a good neighbor
  14. 14. F lw n B oo a d e lF lw d oo e l• Neighbors – Kingston, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, etc• Friends of friends• Influencers – Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Gatespolio, Rotary International
  15. 15. P wr f wtr o e o T ite
  16. 16. P wr f wtr o e o T ite• Results of a twenty minute participation in a #washeval chat:
  17. 17. Sid S ae le h r Expand Reach with Links to: •Facebook Page •Twitter Account •Linked In Page •Club Website
  18. 18. L k dnG o p in e I ru s
  19. 19. M n g gTo b a a in ru l eSPAMTrollsControversy
  20. 20. Sa pm • What is Spam? Compliance is easy!• Emails that advertise or promote a • Give clear notice of opportunity to opt- commercial product or service, such out in every email message. This can be as membership in the organization or return email address or other Internet- the sale of organization publications, based mechanism that is capable of events, etc. receiving opt-out requests for at least 30 days after the transmission of the• Members are generally excluded original message. • Further, if recipient has opted-out, sender may not exchange or otherwise transfer or release email address of recipient even within club. • Email service protects Club from fines and other liabilities.  C anad ian Law figh ts p am .gc .c a • Constant Contact, easy to use & protects us.
  21. 21. Discussion
  22. 22. Follow Us:Shannon Evans pshannon.evans@gmail.comMarit Saltrones
  23. 23. On the W - ebbainbridgeislandrotary.orgFacebook -Bainbridge Rotary AuctionBainbridge Island RotaryTwitter - Bainbridge Rotary