Free Local Online Advertising for Small Businesses pdf


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Local Search Advertising is an incredibly effective way to promote your business for free (for the most part). You don’t need a web site and can easily beat your competition for top ranking on Google Local with minimal effort.

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  • Good Tips... I had used many of these techniques successfully for my wife's website, but there were several that I had previously overlooked. Thank you.
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Free Local Online Advertising for Small Businesses pdf

  1. 1. Local Search ExposedAn introduction to promoting and advertising your business on the web using free local search advertising techniques.
  2. 2. Presented By:Shannon Evans
  3. 3. Local Search Advertising• Internet search basics• Local search is important• Who should use local search advertising• Key points for local search advertising• Develop your keywords• Create your listing• Optimization• Local search options
  4. 4. Internet Search Basics• The Internet revolves around search• Four types of searches • General: one word, high level (cameras) • Looking around: more specific, two words (digital cameras) • Buying or research mode: phrases and specific items (Canon A570 digital camera) • Local: Seattle camera store • 62% of Internet users do local searches • About half use a location modifier • Frequently ready to buy
  5. 5. Internet Search Basics• Google is the search engine of choice for nearly 70% of Internet searches• Internet search is replacing most traditional ways of finding a business or service• While online purchases continue to grow most people still prefer to spend their money locally • Nearly 85% of purchases are local• Services, dining and entertainment are typically local activities
  6. 6. Local Search Advertising is Important • Customers are looking for you and your service or product • Local search advertising is just beginning to grow • The little guy can compete and win
  7. 7. Who Can Use Local Search Advertising• Brick and mortar establishments• Services• Professionals• Web based
  8. 8. Key Points for Local Search Advertising• Free (one exception for Yahoo)• Website not required• You may show up on map and organic search pages• Opportunity to optimize your listings
  9. 9. Develop Your Keywords• Keywords are what makes the Internet go around• What are the keywords your customers use to find you• Don’t waste words on non-search terms • Quality, best, robust, excellent, the• Consider different spellings and other grammatical issues• Community names • Seattle (Wallingford)
  10. 10. Are Keywords Working
  11. 11. Keywords Are Important- What’s The Problem
  12. 12. Create Your Listing• Create an account on your selected service (Google, MSN Live, and Yahoo)• Open your Local Business Account• Enter basic company information• Company name entry is critical • Use keywords based on your research • Remember Papa Murphy
  13. 13. Optimization• Beat even the biggest competitor• Complete all fields• Use as many photos and videos as you can• Reviews• Coupons
  14. 14. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words
  15. 15. Sneaky Tricks• Your unpaid listings may be displayed before organic and paid search listings• Create leads for yourself in a large corporation• Conduct market research• Develop a mailing list
  16. 16. Sneaky Tactics in Action
  17. 17. Mobile Search• Handsets are becoming more powerful every day • iPhone • G1 • Smartphones • Blackberry• Nearly a replacement for a laptop for casual use• Google search is on your phone• Voice search• Directions and GPS directly to your destination• Nearly enough of a reason by itself to do local search
  18. 18. Google G1 Phone with Voice Search
  19. 19. Destination Based Local Search• Strategy ideal for tourist related activates• Search initiated for a location you are going too • Vacation or business travel• Focus on out of town customers, not local• Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes
  20. 20. Local Search with Twitter• Claim Twitter listing for your business • @bellevuedentist • @seattlechiropractor • @olympiabakery• Requires a bit of regular posting to a Twitter account• As your activity grows a new listing may appear in Google natural search
  21. 21. Local Search Options• Search Engines • Google • This is by far the best, do this first • Microsoft Live Maps • Yahoo• Search Directories • CitySearch • Yelp • Yellow Book • Dex • Local
  22. 22. Local Search and Coupons
  23. 23. Local Search and Coupons
  24. 24. Local Search and Coupons
  25. 25. Local Search and Coupons
  26. 26. Cautionary Message• There may already be information on Google or other local search platforms about your business• Ensure it is correct• Claim it as your own • No hijacking
  27. 27. Disclaimers• Doing all this work does not guarantee anything• To get on the search (not maps) results page there needs to be adequate searching on your keyword phrase• Rules can change and might impact your listing
  28. 28. Summary• Local Search Advertising is an incredibly effective way to promote your business• It is free (for the most part)• You don’t need a web site• You can easily beat your competition for top ranking with fairly minimal work• It works• Go home and claim your listing tonight!