Task 1


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Task 1

  1. 1. Task 1
  2. 2. His style in non-traditional and he used Photoshop which is a modern technique that many photographers use to get their work to a high standard. Erik's photographs are very modern so his style is also contemporary. As he has done some advertising as well some of his work would be commercial so rather than creating work to express his feeling he is using it as a purpose and in response to a brief, so unlike Chez and Clarence's’, Erik's work would appear more in on adverts so on billboards and posters, maybe to promote bands/events. Erik Johansson Erik Johansson was born in 1985 just outside of Gotene, Sweden. His grandmother was a painter which is why he had always liked drawing. When Erik was 15 he got his first camera, as he became interested in computers he then started to play around with his photography. In 2005he moved to Gothenburg and started to study computer engineering at Chalmers University of Technology. Today he works with clients such as Adobe, Goole and Microsoft. Erik has also done some advertising work for Aizone, which is a luxury department store in middle eat, this advert appeared in magazines, newspapers and on some billboards in Lebanon.
  3. 3. Chema Madoz Chema Madoz is a Spanish photographer, who is also known as Jose Maria Rodriguez Madoz. Chema was born in 1958 and started to study art history at Universidad Complutense de Madrid between 1980 and 1983. Chema is best known for his black and white surrealist photographs, as you can see from the photographs on the left. He made objects look like something they are not, the match on the table is not lit however from the marking on the table it looks like a flame, this kind of photography makes you realise nothing is what it seems to be. I personally think this type of work is traditional because no special techniques have been used to create these images, just day to day objects and black and white effect which is what many photography in the olden days would have used and they would not have used Photoshop or the opportunities we have know to edit the photos like Erik Johansson has done to his photographs in the slide before. This type of photography would also be classed as fine art and would usually appear in galleries, art books and exhibitions.
  4. 4. "The physical object, to me, is merely a stepping stone to an inner world where the object, with the help of the subconscious drives and focuses perceptions, becomes transmuted into a symbol whose life is beyond the life of the objects we know..." Clarence John Laughlin Clarence was born in 1905 and was brought up into a middle-class family in Louisiana. Clarence had a rocky upbringing and after losing everything is a failed ricegrowing venture in 1910, his family was forced to move to New Orleans, many people believe his childhood influenced his surreal photography which he is best known for. In 1918, this death of his father affected him badly, as he was an introverted child with such a close relationship with his father. After barley completing freshman year, Clarence dropped out of high school in 1920 however he was a highly literate man and well educated which led him to write the elaborate captions that went his is photographs. Clarence began as a freelancer at the age of 25 after he taught himself how to use a 2 ½ by 2 ½ view camera.as he taught himself he was surprised when he started working for places such a vogue and models like Dody Weston Thompson. On January the 2nd 1985, Clarence died in New Orleans leaving his collection of photography with him which was later shown around the united states and Europe. Clarence layers his photographs and also has a black and white affect on them, so I think he works towards a more historical style, as his photographs look old however he uses traditional methods such a layering, they would also be viewed at galleries and art books as A Vision of Dead Desire these are more fine art types of photography.