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Task 1
Question as a heading to
draw people in and also
makes you read on to
find out if you did know
the information
Use of
Bold numbers for
instructions make
it clear as to
which steps
comes next, also
separates the
writing up more
making it eas...
Bold, white writing
here made to stand
out. Having the
heading as ‘the facts’
make people read it
more as when it
comes to...
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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Task 1
  2. 2. Question as a heading to draw people in and also makes you read on to find out if you did know the information Use of conciseness to keep people interested and to keep them reading. Bullet points to split up the writing and to state several points. Bold text to reinforce important text and make peoples eyes drawn towards it more. Also makes the important text stand out more so it’s the first thing people may read Capital letters to make it look more important and Slightly larger text to catch your attention. explain more about the poster. Also relates more to question header. Clarity and accuracy has been used here to show facts two colours, black and grey, shows professionalism and looks more factual and important. Keeping the colours dull is suitable for the poster and dull shows negativity which is appropriate as the poster has a negative message. This poster has previously being used for the Lancashire's council. They have used a large, bold font for the title, which is asking a question, however because it just says ‘Did you know?’ makes people read on because they will want to know what they might not know. The use of capital letter in the header and the bold font make it look more important and stand out from afar. Underneath the header is a slightly smaller text to answer to the question header, they have used a smaller text as they want it to stand out more but not too much to distract the other larger text. The sub heading is still bold as its still important and they want people to know that. Clarity and accuracy has been used in the facts, as the facts all laid out clearly but they also have to be accurate as they are using numbers so they need to make sure they are correct. They have kept the colours simple by using black and grey, these colours look professional but also quite dull which resembles what they are stating in their leaflet as their ‘tax has almost doubled since 1997’ which, to many people is a dull and sad things which these colours reflect. They have used a slogan at the bottom of the poster, which again is in capitals, bold and a larger text size. This makes it stand out and look more important as its one of the first things people will see and most likely read when they first look at the poster, so by also making is contain little words makes it stick in someone's mind more. The facts have been broken down with bullet points to make it look like less writing which will keep people reading as many people get bored while reading a large amount of text.
  3. 3. Bold numbers for instructions make it clear as to which steps comes next, also separates the writing up more making it easier to follow. Instructions are in three different languages which may be useful to some people Final image blown out to make instruction 6 become clearer as little words as used so it becomes easier to understand. Simple, clear and black and white illustrations used here to make the instructions clearer and easier to understand. Keeping the illustrations in black and white will help keep the concentration more on what to do rather than what colours they have used. Use of bold makes the ‘important’ section stand out and look more important so people will read this. Simple diagrams to show people the easy way to put together the object. They have kept the colours just plain black and white, this is probably to keep people focused on the task as the different colours may count as a distraction. They have the instructions clear and boldly labelled, so clarity had been used here and also conciseness as the instructions are kept short however are written in three different languages to help people who may not fully understand, which therefore will keep customers into being faithful and buy more of the companies product because they help others who may not fully understand English. The diagrams used here are to support the text used and to make the instructions clearer. The final illustration they have used shows the final outcome being blown out, this helps make the instruction more clear as you can see how it all goes together. The font is kept all the same size, style and colour throughout the instructions, this consistency shows professionalism but also keeps the attention on the steps rather than being distracted by the colours and different font styles. By positioning the important notice at the bottom left makes you before you start because its in bold but also you read it again after as it flows along with the instructions.
  4. 4. Bold, white writing here made to stand out. Having the heading as ‘the facts’ make people read it more as when it comes to safety the community will want to here facts and not bias or made up stuff which would therefore lead them to having trust issues with the council with any other important situations. Bullet points used to break up the large amount of text and make is clearer to people reading it. Different links used here to help people in different circumstances. Written in a bold text to make them stand out and look important. Large, bold white font used to stand out and catch peoples eyes. Also makes it easier to read as it’s the use of clarity and conciseness Trusted logo used here to make people feel more safe as they know the council This leaflet is all about safety which the colour resembles, as the shades of blue used mean stability. It symbolizes trust and confidence. Having links for people to go to for more advice shows the trust and stability people can have with the council in East Sussex, by having confidence in them will reassure them. As the leaflet is about internet safety which is why the leaflet title is ‘E-Safety’ they have used a large, bold and white font to make it stand out and easy for people to read at a glance. They then have a non bold text underneath in white, again to stand out, which also shows people if they are having trouble with internet safety there are people out there to support them. They then have facts which are separated by bullet points which contain accurate information to back the leaflet up, they have tried to limit the amount of text used in the leaflet to keep readers interested. They keep the layout simple with the same colours used throughout the leaflet this shows consistency and looks more professional. They also keep the front page of the leaflet simple so people do not get distracted by other things going on around the important text. As the topic of the leaflet is an important issue, there is no bias content in the leaflet as everything stated is true and the facts therefore many people will trust this leaflet which again resembles the colour blue of trust.