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350 final


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350 final

  1. 1. Media Plan
  2. 2. IntroAccount Manager: Paige Dwyer -client relations, company goals, and marketing goals.Creative Director: Nick Hintz -types of media outlets, advertising mediumsMedia Buyer/Planner: Kelsey Strachan -tactics, positioning, set budget, allocated fundsResearch Coordinator: Shannon Cardeno -primary and secondary research
  3. 3. The Current Situation Ages 25-40  Enthusiastic fans of sports Sport’s stadium suite environment Gourmet cuisine  Low calorie options Sport’s celebrities Interactive atmosphere
  4. 4. Fierce Competition
  5. 5. SWOT S: Wide range menu, stadium suite like environment W: potential for inconsistency, only located in Midwest region O: expanding, ethnically diverse menu T: economic condition, competition prices
  6. 6. Team Players  V Foundation  Work with the NCAA Big Ten  Midwest emphasis  Location specific events and promotions
  7. 7. Promotional Opportunities Interactive environment  Jersey nights  Special deals
  8. 8. Secondary Media Tech Survey, May 2012  96% - Cell phone usage  93% - Internet usage eMarketer, June 2012  Adults watch television for large volumes of time eMarketer,2012  Online/mobile video viewing +25 million people by 2015
  9. 9. How do you find about restaurants?
  10. 10. Media Goals Reach target audience Increase impressions within local markets (Midwest) Use NCAA partnership to gain loyalty and involvement
  11. 11. Media Strategies Digital mediums Interactive website
  12. 12. Media Tactics Lead Medium  Television Support Mediums  Digital and Mobile
  13. 13. MediaTactics Continuous television Pulsing digital Flighting mobile
  14. 14. Media Schedule/Budget