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About my film

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About my film

  1. 1. Advanced Portfolio Research Proposal
  2. 2. Area of Research • Animation Films: • Mickey Mouse • Looney Tunes • Finding Nemo • Toy Story • Corpse Bride • Kung Fu Panda • Wallace and Gromit • Wreck-It-Ralph • Toy Story • Wall-E • The LEGO Movie • Nightmare Before Christmas • Shrek • Winnie the Pooh • Paranorman • Lilo and Stitch • Despicable Me • Madagascar • Ice Age • Cars • Over the Hedge • Happy Feet • Frankenweenie • A Bug’s Life • Coraline • Monsters Inc. • Spongebob Movie
  3. 3. Title of Research Project • How does the micro element mise-en-scene effect different animation films? • How do the soundtracks of different films create different meanings/feelings towards the audience? • How do the conventions of characters in animation films help the audience determine their personalities? • Does the use of cinematography differ in animation films to other film styles? Explain why or why not. • Discuss the ways in which stylistic features are used in Tim Burton films? • In what ways do animation films appeal to a young audience through the use of micro elements?
  4. 4. Three key primary texts (films to be studied) I choose these films because they all have very different narratives so I can talk a lot more about each one as they are all different from each other. I decided upon 3 animation, kids films as this targets what I want to create the most for my film. I think that the characters in my film are going to be very important which is why I picked Finding Nemo because the characters in this are mainly fish/animals, Despicable Me has monsters and minions which are very different and unique (which I would like to have in my film) and Toy Story is toys which is also very different yet effective.
  5. 5. Aims of Research/ What you seeking to find out from research questions My main aim of my research is to find out what features of animation films appeals to children the most and why this is. How soundtracks determine what genre of animation film it is. How locations determine different moods in the film. Different characters that are held within most animation films.
  6. 6. Initial Research Plan (websites/library/ books/magazines & other primary & secondary sources) • Interviews • Internet • Magazines • Library • Books • Images • IMDB • Newspapers • Case Studies • Radio interviews • Articles • Questionnaires • Survey • Focus groups • Individual opinions • Films
  7. 7. How Research will link into your creative project • gory=2 • 1?pageNumber=10 • • and-filmmakers-a-to-d • at-walt-disney-animation-studios • •

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