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Evaulation by shannon

  1. 1. EvaluationBy Shannon Alli
  2. 2. Preliminary taskFor my preliminary task we had to choose either to shoot a two minutes advert on “why not to smoke” or a 30secs advert about illegal downloading.In my group was Gloria, Nertilla and Io-teng , our original idea was to do an advert about smoking. We then came to realization that we couldnt come up with an idea , that’s when we decided to try and come up with ideas about illegal downloading which followed many ideas.Our initial idea was that they should be a two friend in a cafe or school talking about day to day stuff, and then another walks in and comes over quoting that they found a new website where they can download music for free. However, the site was illegal. Then to bring some comedy into the advert we decided that a force of police should rush in stopping the friends from downloading illegally. The friends then reformed and they showed that they understand why they shouldnt illegally download.After going through the idea we then came to a conclusion that our original idea was too complicated; we then decided to take parts out to make it simple. Our final idea was two friends sitting down talking and then a third friend comes into the scene and tells them about the website he/she found where they can download free music however it’s illegal. However, instead of having a police squad we decided the friend being told about the illegal downloading rejects the idea and explains why illegal downloading shouldnt be done.
  3. 3. What have I learnt about planning?I have learnt that planning is essential as it is a key way for me to know what I’m doing and how exactly I want it to go. For instance in the beginning me and my group didn’t know what direction to go, we were confused about what advert to go with and how we was going to portray either one. Planning is the only way I can focus on the key points and the most important aspects of the advert. In addition to this I have learnt that planning avoids haphazard implementation and it means that my tasks will come out better and it will be very efficient.
  4. 4. What have I learnt about using the equipmentGetting used to the equipment was difficult but over the few time we used it I got used to it. We filmed several times and we learn different tricks to get a good shoot e.g. certain angles help catch good shots.• Camera -The camera was fairly light and is quite easy to use. The basic buttons helped me learn how to zoom in and out of each scene. Despite not filming much I did shoot a short scene which I leant that the camera doesn’t need to be zoom in too much because it catches a lot of facial expressions once zoomed in a bit.• Microphone- the microphone helped to pick all of the sound. In my group especially Io teng and Nertailla have quite voices so the microphone helped them talk normally as it picks up everything they say.• Headphones- I found the headphones useful because it gave of an idea how we sound and it help us tell if we were talking clearly or loud enough. Also the headphones allowed the person holding the beanpole/microphone focus on the scene rather than background noises.• We did take the dolly out but we realises that it wasn’t need as we didn’t have tracking shots, however we did notice that certain shots could have been cleaner with the dolly but we ran out of time.
  5. 5. EditingEditing- Due to lack of time we didn’t have enough time to edit. However I did get a chance to use final cut and I learnt how to merge sound to together, cut pieces out and add text e.g. If I was able to use final cut I think I would add text in the beginning of the advert advertising the risks of Illegal downloading. Also at the end of the advert I would add text to remind the audience that Illegal downloading is wrong. Lastly I would cut parts out to make the adverts 30secs.