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Global Ties Akron's global education program "Know Your Community-Know Your World" part of the #KYCKYW project.
#21st century skills, #6th, #core #curriculum, #global education, #middle school

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  1. 1. Tour Guide: Jadgesh J.Ramjit at your service
  2. 2. Some of the English Speaking Caribbean Islands Barbados Antigua & Barbuda Grenada Guyana Jamaica St. Vincent St. Lucia St. Vincent Trinidad & Tobago
  3. 3. My Home Trinidad & Tobago
  4. 4. National Flag
  5. 5. National Coat of Arms
  6. 6. National Birds SCARLET IBIS COCRICO BIRD
  7. 7. National Flower - Chaconia
  8. 8. National Instrument – Steel Pan
  9. 9. Local’s who touched the world!
  10. 10. Music and Languages • Spanish Influence : Parang : Triniada08_-_Cantando_Gloria.m P3 • African Influence: Calypso: Triniada09 - Bassman.mp3 • Indian Influence: Chutney : Triniada10 - Chutney Medley.mp3 • Combination of all cultures: Soca: Triniada06_- _Max_It_Up.mp3 Spanish Hindi French/African: Patios English
  11. 11. Festivals and Celebrations • Festivals: Trinidad and Tobago - The True Caribbean - Official Travel and Tourism Site • Kiddies Carnival: Trinidad and Tobago - The True Caribbean - Official Travel and Tourism Site
  12. 12. Thank you for visiting….. But before you go: Listen to the music of Shradhha with a recital of - Good Bless the Children. Sign the visitors wall.