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Social media presentation for interview brief

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ZO Brief

  1. 1. onHair Care RANGESocial Campaign Recommendations to Increase Product Relevance and Use in UK Market
  2. 2. GoalsGain new consumers and market share.Distribute samples. onHair Care
  3. 3. The Target Market Females Age group: 25 - 55 onHair Care
  4. 4. The Target Market Profile She enjoys making new discoveries and sharing knowledge with her friends. She values inner beauty and well being. She feels like she hasn’t got the time to take care of herself due to the pressures of every day life. She is willing to invest more to meet her high expectations. onHair Care
  5. 5. Location onHair Care
  6. 6. Existing Channels onHair Care
  7. 7. Recommended Channels Pre-Launch onHair Care
  8. 8. Recommended Channels Pre-Launch onHair Care
  9. 9. Recommended Channels Pre-Launch onHair Care
  10. 10. Recommended Channels Post Launch onHair Care
  11. 11. ContentPoint of Emphasis = The ProductSelling Points?Natural Ingredients Sensorial Overload onHair Care
  12. 12. Content VideoWritten onHair Care
  13. 13. ContentUser Generated Photography onHair Care
  15. 15. Facebook onHair Care Health and Beauty onHair Care onHair Care Wall What’s the absolute worst part of your hair care regime? Photos Hair Spa Day Joan Bloggs Just got the new onHair Care conditioner and it’s awesome!AboutAll natural, chemical onHair Carefree hair products. Store driving activity – Offer or Competition. onHair Care
  16. 16. TwitterFacebook onHair Carewww.facebook... onHair @onHair All natural, chemical free products becauseYouTube Care we care about #hair #condition Onhair.co.ukwww.youtube... onHair New Facebook App announcement l onHair Shared new video onHair Shared style article onHair Shared web inspiration [PHOTO] onHair Care
  17. 17. PinterestonHair Care Hair Care Tips Natural DIY Spa Treats onHair Care@onHairAll natural, chemical freeproducts because we careabout #hair #conditionOnhair.co.uk onHair Care
  18. 18. Additional Content Ideas Video Mini series: The Beauty Regime Mini series: The Hair Care ExperienceMini series: 100% Natural, How our products are madeMini Series: The Hair Police (how you’re damaging your hair)Quick tips: 5 Minute spa treatments and rejeveunation tips onHair Care
  19. 19. Additional Content Ideas Written How To: hairstyles and tips How To: Hair care routines and regimes Competition guidelines Blogs (via outreach programmes) Informational onHair Care
  20. 20. Additional Content Ideas User Generated Competition related Product and usage photography Interesting video content Photography Products, ingredients and processes How To supporting images onHair Care
  21. 21. Support onHair Care
  22. 22. Areas of SupportBlogger outreachIn storeMobileWebsiteSEOPressCross promotionEmail marketingTargeted online advertising onHair Care
  23. 23. Implementing SupportWebsite support – Fully socially integrated website with community built by awardingpoints for activities like purchasing, sharing, recommending . Incentives: discounted hairtherapies and specified membership perks… points tie in to all activities on social.Mobile support via app – The Hair Experience: log-in to share style tips, watch videos,receive style inspiration and submit your own as well as exclusive access to timed sales.App activity feeds back to website community.Offline support point – Post out post cards with samples and QR codes , which lead todiscounts and freebies, prizes by signing up to mailing list in-store.Offline support point – in store/ sales point – exclusive pre-launch e vents and postlaunch events, that are invitation only for web community members. onHair Care
  24. 24. Promotion onHair Care
  25. 25. YouTubeUSER UPLOAD COMPETITION: Tell us your worst hair daystory. onHair Care
  26. 26. Facebook Share your hair care routine with us to win a spot for you and a friend at our Hair boot camp. Shampoo face Photos Hair Spa DayAboutAll natural, chemicalfree hair products. onHair Care
  27. 27. TwitterFacebook onHair Carewww.facebook... onHair @onHair All natural, chemical free products becauseYouTube Care we care about #hair #condition Onhair.co.ukwww.youtube... onHair Ask your biggest post-dye #hair treatment questions between 2 and 5pm today on Twitter. l onHair Go to Facebook to win a free spa Hair day bit.ly onHair It’s time for another #badhairday story! [VIDEO] onHair Care
  28. 28. Additional Promotion IdeasFoursquare - mayorship privileges.Video series – the product journey.Interactive video – uncover special content to reveal private videos.Limited edition sign up – to test and review products.Mothers’ Day – Submit a message for your mum and we’ll deliver her a specialedition customised shampoo and conditioner. 50 chances to win.Send us your best hair day photos – for our wall of awesome hairHair spa day: tell us a bad hair day story and win one hair spa day.Facebook questions: What do you do to rejuvenate your hair?Video series: Hair emergency. onHair Care
  29. 29. Cross Promotion Content Hosts Sharing Drivers Facebook Facebook Website YouTube YouTube Twitter Twitter App App Pinterest Pinterest Main NetworksCommunication Devices Facebook Facebook YouTube YouTube Store Twitter Email onHair Care
  30. 30. Management Considerations Community management recommendations/ guidelines PR integration and management Sample tracking and blogger outreach programmes Project management issues Responsibilities of teams and areas Emergency guidelines onHair Care
  31. 31. Measurement onHair Care
  32. 32. Areas To Measure Customer Reactions Social Networks Conversations Video embedsFacebook Blogs, forums and mentionsTwitter Click-through ratesYouTubePinterest Search Customer Base Website traffic Search results Email sign-ups Subscribers onHair Care
  33. 33. Measurement: When and What Promotional Promotional Promotional Activity Activity Activity Monthly Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly Weekly PressNew Followers Blogs New FollowersMentions Growth MentionsClick through rates Click through rates Click through ratesSharing Sharing Sharing Press Blogs onHair Care
  34. 34. Budget onHair Care
  35. 35. Budget ConcernsVideo creationApp buildingPhoto stock buildingWriter to create copy (tips, how tos etc)Potential prizesSamplesBlogger outreach onHair Care
  36. 36. Prospective Budget Allocation Budget Allocation Video Creation App Building Prizes Copy Writer Photo stock Samples Blogger outreach onHair Care