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Eval 5


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Eval 5

  1. 1. How did youattract/addressyour audience?
  2. 2. • I produced a questionnaire asking 20 people out of my target audience questions which with the answers would help me create my magazine. In this questionnaire I asked questions such as ‘what is your favourite colour’ which helped me pick a colour scheme for my magazine. ‘what words do you associate with rock/indie music’ which helped me think of a name for my magazine.
  3. 3. • . I asked what the audiences favourite rock/indie artist where so I could include those artists and bands in my magazine as this is what the audience is interested in. I asked my target audience how much they would be willing to pay for a monthly music magazine as I didnt want to price my magazine to high or low. Also i asked them to rate different aspects of a magazine out of 5 to see what people like more of in a magazine and what they dont like to see much of.
  4. 4. • The questionnaire helped me decide how my magazine would be. The language used inside my magazine was the right language for the age range of my target audience, therefore the audience could understand what they where reading. The audience where a big help in producing my magazine as they had picked the content, colours and images that where used which attracted them to the magazine.