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Codes and conventions of a magazine contents page


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Codes and conventions of a magazine contents page

  1. 1. Codes and Conventions of a Magazine Contents Page.
  2. 2. Masthead Every contents page has a masthead. This is the brand of he magazine and is shown here as it is an important part of the magazine.
  3. 3. Main Images There are usually about 4/5 main images on a magazine contents page. These pictures indicate the stories in the magazine and usually there would be a caption explaining a little about the article and page number next to the image.
  4. 4. Sections The contents page may be split up into sections to show the different parts of the magazine, for example this magazine is split into ‘band index,news,features etc.’. This is so It is easier for the reader to find certain articles in the magazine.
  5. 5. Page Number Page numbers are on every page of every magazine this is to show the reader what articles are on what page. The font or colour are usually different to the rest of the text on the page so that the number of the page stands out.
  6. 6. Position Statement This is not used on all magazines, but is on some. It is used to promote the magazine so the audience want to buy the magazine for example this one says ‘UK’s best rock magazine’. These are also found on the front of magazines.
  7. 7. Buzz Words Buzzwords such as ‘Plus’ are used on magazine covers and contents pages and are in a different font and colour to grab the readers attention.