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Facebook How-To


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Veronica Maldonaldo's Facebook How-To for #TACVB session

Published in: Travel, Technology, Art & Photos
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Facebook How-To

  1. 1. Facebook “How to’s”Creating Branded Facebook Page Photo StripThese are some simple steps and rules to follow to create your own simply branded photo strip:1. Image Choice: Decide on 5 images that work in random order. The key difference betweenpersonal profile photo strips and the ones on your Facebook page is you cannot change the order.2. Image Size: These images are horizontal and scaled to 97 X 68 pixels. So either create them atthat size or make sure they scale and crop well at that size.3. Create Photo Album: Create an image album specifically for your photo strip to keepthem separate from other content.4. Upload Images: Add your 5 images here, upload them, and they will automatically load intoyour photo strip as the most recent uploads. Decide whether you want to publish the images ornot for fans to comment on the update.5. Upkeep Images: Keep it clean. When you add other images to the wall or other photo albums,you will need to X out those images to bring all 5 photo strip images back into view. the Featured Pages 1. Click on Edit Info 2. Click on Featured 3. Click on Edit Featured Links 4. Scroll through to find the pages you want or click CTRL + F to type in the name of the page. 5. Only 5 appear on the left hand bar but you can choose more than 5. If you select more than 5, the pages profile picture will rotate.
  2. 2. Facebook “How to’s”Designating Administrators 1. Click on Edit or See All 2. Click Manage Admins 3. Type in the Email address of your Administrator 4. You can also remove an Administrator by clicking Remove
  3. 3. Facebook “How to’s”Analytics in Facebook 1. Click on Insights 2. You can plug in a date range by clicking on the date field. Hint: if you type in the first date and it disappears, just click on the date range line again. The first date you entered will be there so just click on the second date range and click Apply. 3. You can export the analytics or do a screen shot 4. Click on User See Details to see Demographics by Gender, Age, Country, City and Language. 5. Click Interaction See Details to see what feeds have received the most attention.
  4. 4. Facebook “How to’s”