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Internship power point


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Internship power point

  1. 1. My Time at The Suffolk Theater By Savanna Campbell
  2. 2. The Suffolk Theater • Who: Savanna Campbell • What: Summer Internship • When: Summer, 2013 • Where: The Suffolk Theater, Riverhead, NY • Why: To gain experience in the live entertainment industry that will aid me in future jobs.
  3. 3. What did I expect?
  4. 4. Then & Now 1933 2013 The mission at The Suffolk Theater is to re-establish the cinema/ playhouse tradition in downtown.
  5. 5. Experience at the Theater
  6. 6. Who’s Who at The Suffolk Theater The Suffolk Theater Owners: Bob & Dianne Castaldi Food & Beverage Director: Lawrence Smith Event Coordinator (Former): Kim Folks PR/Media Director: Susan Hackett Technical Director: Jim Vignato Executive Director: Bob Spiotto Box Office Manager: LynnAnn Kolesar
  7. 7. What Did I Do During My Internship? I sat around on Facebook of course.
  8. 8. Suffolk Theater Social Media
  9. 9. The Wedding
  10. 10. The Box Office
  11. 11. Mackenzie Renshaw
  12. 12. What makes me a professional? • Flexibility • Responsibility • Time Management
  13. 13. Did JWU help me at all? In short, I wouldn't’t have excelled as I did without it.
  14. 14. The Suffolk Theater provided me with a priceless education, wonderful friends, and memories that will last forever. I have been honored to help this theater continue to prosper and be a part of this landmark venue.