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Monarchy presentation


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Modern Brit Monarchy Powerpoint

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Monarchy presentation

  1. 1. The ModernBritishMonarchyBy: Curt Clauss & Sean Hanley
  2. 2. Current Monarchies in the World
  3. 3. Evolution of the Monarchy• The English and Scottish crowns were separate until 1603• Stuart dynasty united the two with King James I• Bloody civil war in mid 17th century between parliament and monarchy ending in execution of King Charles I• Followed by ‘Glorious Revolution’ with William and Mary• The Act of Settlement• King George I began Hanoverian dynasty with jump from 52nd in line for the throne• First Prime Minister, Robert Walpole• Loss of American colonies but British empire covered 1/3 of globe
  4. 4. House of Windsor Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh Queen Elizabeth II Prince Charles, Prince of Wales Prince Andrew Princess and Sarah Diana Camilla, (Fergie), Duke Duchess of and Duchess Cornwall of York (Divorced) Princess Princess Beatrice Eugenie Prince Princess Anne Countess Sophie William, Duke Prince Harry of CambridgePrincessKate,Duchess of PrinceCambridge Edward, Earl of Wessex
  5. 5. Succession of Power1. Prince 2. Prince 3. Prince 4. PrinceCharles, William, Harry Andrew,Prince of Duke of Duke ofWales Cambridge York
  6. 6. Succession of Power5. Princess 6. Princess 7. PrinceBeatrice Eugenie Edward, Earl of Wessex
  7. 7. Succession of Power8. James,Viscount 9. Lady 10. PrincessSevern Louise Anne Windsor
  8. 8. Future King and Queen, because Queen doesn’t outrank KingBut, since King would outrank Queenand Elizabeth is royal....Queen Elizabeth II Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
  9. 9. Authority, Role, & Duties of the Queen• Constitutional Monarch, head of the United Kingdom• The Queen – Parliament – Prime Minister – Law – Armed Forces – Worldwide empire
  10. 10. Costs of the Monarchy• Estimated cost of the modern monarchy per year is ₤200 million ($324.3 million)• About $60 million comes from taxpayers• Sources of revenue: – Estates (tourism) – The dead – Taxes – Grants• Expenditures include staff, travel, dining, and entertainment
  11. 11. Royal Residences Map of Residences• The Royal Family has numerous residences that it has accumulated over the years. Previous kings and queens built or attained countless properties that have served as family homes, workplaces, and government centers. se.html
  12. 12. Royal Ceremonies• Royal ceremonies such as the recent Royal Wedding and the Queen’s Official Birthday facilitate patriotism and unite the people
  13. 13. Royalty and the Media• Young British Royals are treated like celebrities in the media• Rumors and scandals are constantly spread around through tabloids
  14. 14. British Opinion on Monarchy• On the whole, the gross majority of Britons possess a neutral or positive outlook towards the monarchy.o 9.stm
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