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Sex Positive


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‘Wish Tree Foundation’ points out the social taboos in the society and promote the message by spreading it through digital medium across World by making various advertisement campaigns to access three fundamental rights – Education, Dignified livelihood and Legal Empowerment.

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Sex Positive

  1. 1. Who am I ????• ‘Wish Tree Foundation’ points out the social taboos in the society and promote the message by spreading it through digital medium across World by making various advertisement campaigns to access three fundamental rights – Education, Dignified livelihood and Legal Empowerment.
  2. 2. SEX EDUCATION???? …..What the f**k??
  3. 3. A Brief Overview• Some Facts about the topic• Brand Keys• The Creative Brief• Print Advertisements• Television Commercial
  4. 4. India : A Fool’s ParadiseOur Mentality:Don’tknow…Don’tCare…Theless yousee…Ignoranceis bliss
  5. 5. We don’t know about Sex that’s why we have apopulation of 1.4 Billion
  6. 6. You take any flight…A flight of 67,we will have seven new born babies…We are making babies all the time
  7. 7. Do we remember this figure????
  8. 8. Yes…You are right Sunny Leone
  9. 9. India is leading in one sector only Do you know what it is????
  10. 10. Pornographic Search• India records the highest statistics in the search of pornography while compared to the other countries of the world.
  11. 11. What a Brilliant progress
  12. 12. India : The Land of Kama SutraIndia is a placefrom whereKama sutra isoriginated. Andin such a countrySex Education isbanned.Excellent.
  13. 13. Let us take a look at the brilliant artsculptures in Konark Sun Temple
  14. 14. Our leaders of IndiaA minister wascaught watchingpornography in theParliament. Whoknows may be it’sthe same ministerwho talks aboutbanning sexeducation in public
  15. 15. Let us take a look what they said to MediaIsn’t itawesome?
  16. 16. One question rise in our mind : Are we Hypocrites????
  17. 17. Look what ‘Amul’ said
  18. 18. Here’s a glance of what the People have to say
  19. 19. India : The Land of Devi’sWe have the nine shrines. When they go toKamakshya or Vaishno Devi who do we seepraying there? Mostly Men. India is a veryspecial country. India’s uniqueness can’t bematched by any country. Our history, ourculture everything is so special.
  20. 20. Do we call India ‘Father India’ ever? It’s ‘Mother India’ !!!!
  21. 21. And what’s the outcome ????
  22. 22. In a poll of 370 gender experts on how wellwomen fared in G20 countries, India wasranked the worst country to be a woman
  23. 23. Is India a Democratic Country ????
  24. 24. The Battle Begins• Before we move further let us go through the brand keys
  25. 25. Competitive Environment• The fight is mainly with other countries like Germany and USA where sex education is a subject in high schools. All kinds of Non Governmental Organizations those who are working on this topic are our competetitors.
  26. 26. Target Audience• Sec A : Persons who are in power like higher Government Officials or CEO’s.• Sec B : Educated Middle Class.
  27. 27. Insight
  28. 28. Benefits• To ‘Educate India’• To get a socially concerned future generation.
  29. 29. Reasons• Every 20 minutes a woman is raped in India according to the number of registered rapes (this figure it much higher as most rapes go undocumented).• India is ranked third in rape after US and South Africa.• 228,650 of the 256,329 violent crimes recorded in 2011 were against women.• Today’s youth is today’s AIDS generation.• Over 5.7 million Indians are already infected, according to a figure by WHO.
  30. 30. India : The Land of Rapes ????
  31. 31. And still we are silent…• We like walking roads with candles in our hands and upload those photos in face- book just to show we are ‘Socially Aware. Did we ever think the girl who was raped can be my mom or sister?
  32. 32. Discriminator• To ‘Educate India’• Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.
  33. 33. So, What is Sex Education actually????
  34. 34. However some people still thinks that…
  35. 35. The Creative Brief• Before we proceed further lets take a look at the creative brief.
  36. 36. Opportunities/Problems• If we dont know what sex is all about and differentiate it from procreation.• If the teenagers don’t know about sexually transmitted diseases.• If they don’t know that touching anybody’s body without the consent or permission amongst to abuse how are we going to keep safe.• Removing sex education from high school is a dangerous decision.• Unless we know how our bodies work how we are going to respect it.• Knowledge is very important. There is nothing more dangerous than mal information.• The earlier we begin the better off we would be. We would have more knowledge and more safety.
  37. 37. Or else incidents like these will occur…
  38. 38. The Windows of Reaction• What do we want from the people as a result of this advertising is to introduce and accept sex education as a subject in high schools.
  39. 39. Knowing our Target Audience• The Government, The Educational Councils of India like C.B.S.E or I.C.S.E etc.• The Parentary Authority Board at various schools is our target for this campaign.
  40. 40. From the Consumer’s Desk• Sex is a fishy thing in today’s society.• We want an open or shared platform for the kids to talk about this social taboo. Every parent must come forward and discuss freely about sex with their children.
  41. 41. The Keys of Guidance• The phenomenon of teenage pregnancy seems to be a worldwide trend with countries like the US and UK reporting high rates along with India and others in South Asia.• Latest data suggests that teen pregnancy in India is high with 62 pregnant teens out of every 1,000 women. In comparison, 24 British teens get pregnant before their 19th birthday while the figure is 42 in the US.• UNICEF statistics reveal that teenage pregnancy and motherhood is 9 times more in India for women who have had no schooling compared to those with 12 years or more of schooling.• Close to 78000 women die every year due to childbirth in India.• The problem of teenage pregnancy has also started to show up more in urban areas of India, albeit due to rise in acceptance of pre-marital sex as normal among youth. Moreover, proper sex education is not given to children because parents hardly expect their children to behave so.
  42. 42. The Teenage Pregnancy
  43. 43. I am HIV Positive• According to a 2006 report by UNAIDS, there are about 40 million people worldwide infected with HIV; of this figure one third are young people.• Around half of all infections each year are people under 25 – meaning there are 6,000 new infections a day; one every 15 seconds.
  44. 44. Watts More????School students suffering from HIV A young girl suffering from HIV disease
  45. 45. Brand Personality• Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.
  46. 46. Remember, the change you want tosee in the world, and in your school, begins with ‘You’
  47. 47. The ‘X’ Factor• Let us assume my budget for this campaign is 80 lakhs and I want to advertise in print, television and digital media. I will decide the spending in each sector depending upon the present rates of different media vehicles.
  48. 48. The Final Touch• We have to always remember one thing in mind that ‘Sex is not only about sex,it’s all about educating yourself.’
  49. 49. Print Advertisements
  50. 50. Television Commercial
  51. 51. And the Battle Continues…
  52. 52. Presented ByShankar Bhattacharya
  53. 53. Thank You