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What would i do with

  1. 1. WHAT WOULD I DO WITH……? Here are some fun activities to do with your child to expand their thinking and imagination skillsIf I Had a Potato I Would...Make a list with your child of all the things you could do with a potato. Below area few ideas:1) Make French fries.2) Make potato chips.3) Bake it.4) Sing – “One potato, two potato, etc.”5) Grow more potatoes.6) Plan a potato relay.7) Make potato prints.8) Make potato salad.9) Make mashed potaoes.10) Play “Hot Potato”11) Cut it open and grow grass seeds on top.12) Make potato soup.WHAT WOULD I DO WITH A PUMPKIN?Have your child help you brainstorm all the things you could do with a pumpkin.Divide a large piece of paper into 4 parts and have her draw her four favoritepumpkin activities.1) Make a Jack-o-lantern2) Make a pie3) Bake pumpkin seeds4) Paint a face on it5) Use shell to make design prints6) Carve name on pumpkin7) Roll it down a hill8) Enter it in a pumpkin contest9) Make pumpkin milkshakes10) Make pumpkin muffins11) Use carved out pumpkin for flower vase.12) Bake stuffing in.WHAT COULD YOU DO WITH AN APPLE?Have your children help you make a list of all the things you could do with anapple.When you are done, have everyone illustrate one of the suggestions and turnthe pictures into an apple book.
  2. 2. Sugguestions:1) Make apple sauce2) Cut and make star prints.3) Make red smiles. (Slice of apple stuck in mouth)4) Dip in caramel to eat.5) Make apple muffins6) Bake them7) Give one to a friend8) Eat it9) Slice it and dry it10) Make an apple pie11) Count the seeds inside.12) See if it floats13) Make an apple salad.I am sure your children will think of more and better ones.TWELVE POPSCICLE STICKSSet out twelve popscicle sticks and ask your child how many things he could thinkof to do with the twelve sticks. Here are some suggestions:1) Use them for puppet handles.2) Use them for drum sticks.3) Make four triangles.4) Make three frames.5) Glue together to make a raft.6) Use to make play dough people.7) Make popscicles with8) Glue around a soup can.9) Use as markers in the garden.10) Glue on wings to make dragon flies.11) Color like snakes; glue on red yarn tongues.12) Glue on paper in the shape of a house.WHAT CAN YOU DO TO COOL OFF WHEN ITS HOT?Make up a list with your children of different things they can think of that theylike to do on hot days to stay cool. Here are some suggestions.1) Sit under a shade tree.2) Run through the sprinkler.3) Make a fan.4) Drink a cool drink. (Make lemonade)5) Make popsicles6) Sit under an umbrella7) Go swimming8) Eat an ice cream cone9) Wear shorts10) Go barefoot11) Sit in front of a fan (or air conditioning)
  3. 3. 12) Sit in the basementWhen you write down a suggestion by your children, discuss with them just howthis method helps cool them down. You may want to expand this discussion intohow do animals keep cool.