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Cigar Aficionado Media Kit

  1. 1. Your Passport to the Good Life “With the launch of Cigar Aficionado and its continued success, we’ve surpassed everyone’s expectations, including our own, and defied every prediction that we wouldn’t be around the next year.” —Marvin R. Shanken, CIGAR AFICIONADO In August 1992, we stood before the crowd of retail tobacconists events, even as we’ve had to find new venues that allow smoking. in Chicago at the annual Retail Tobacco Dealers of America trade The annual Big Smoke weekend in Las Vegas is simply the biggest show. It was breakfast, and sitting in boxes around the room was consumer event in the cigar world every year. the first issue of Cigar afiCionado, with the cover date of Fall 1992. We’ve also become great friends with many people in the cigar There were lots of smiles and plenty of congratulations offered for business. Again, the list is so long, we can’t even begin to run down the glossy magazine that was devoted to the lifestyle of men who the people we call our friends and partners. The cigar industry has smoke cigars, and the people who make them. Years later, many responded to the world’s renewed interest in cigars with some of present that day would say they thought they would never see the best new products that have ever been in U.S. stores. After another issue. decades of being in the doldrums, the cigar business is vibrant, Here we are, years later, and still going strong. It’s been a both for cigar makers and cigar sellers. dream come true. We had always wanted to create a cigar maga- Smoking bans, new taxes and other kinds of restrictions have zine, and after Marvin’s fateful first trip to Cuba in October 1991, all complicated life for people working in the cigar business. But it he decided to take the plunge. Nine months later, we had a fin- hasn’t stopped the public from continuing to enjoy a product that ished magazine. Today, we’ve surpassed everyone’s expectations, it loves. including our own, and defied every prediction that we wouldn’t be Cigars create a world of camaraderie with friends, and even around the next year. strangers. It’s a world that offers a unique kind of relaxation, and The good times, and the good things that have happened, all the people who understand the pleasures of a hand-rolled cigar are simply too numerous to list here. There was our first celebrity get to share a little bit of the good life every time they light up. cover—Rush Limbaugh—which not only spread our message to a huge crowd of his fans, but also started a long friendship. We’ve met and known scores of Hollywood celebrities, politicians and business leaders, all because they share a love of cigars. There was the first Big Smoke, in 1993, where we realized that the tip of the iceberg was hiding a huge universe of cigar lovers; hours before the event, hundreds of people lined up waiting to get MARVIN R. SHANKEN GORDON MOTT in. Since then, many hundreds of thousands have attended those Editor & Publisher Executive Editor
  2. 2. Profile of Our Readers Mendelsohn Affluent Study 2009, HHI $100,000+ Total Audience: 384,000 education & occuPation Managerial/Professional 61% gender / Marital StatuS Any Chief Officer Title 27% Male 74% Owner/Partner 25% Female 26% College Degree+ 65% Married 85% PaSSionS, HobbieS & intereStS age Own a Valid Passport 80% 21+ 100% Average Vacations per Year 7 25–49 58% Average Business Trips per Year 12 25–54 72% Flies First Class or Business Class 36% 35–64 83% $5,000+ on Leisure, Entertainment, and Dining 41% Median Age 47 Purchased Wine by the Case 48% Have Wine Cellar/ Refrigerator 38% HH & aSSet ValueS Willing to Spend More on Gourmet Food 48% Median HHI $164,400 Entertains At Home 64% HHI $150,000+ 60% Attends Live Theater 56% HHI $200,000+ 38% Visits Museums 54% Median HH Net Worth $883,621 Attends Art Auctions / Gallery Exhibits 40% Mean HH Net Worth $1,194,534 Member of a Private Club 53% HH Net Worth $250,000+ 85% Owns / Leases 2+ Vehicles 93% Median Value of Financial Accounts Owns / Leases Imported Vehicles 76% plus Real Estate $1,045,935 Quality of readerSHiP ProPerty & real eState Read 4 Of The Last 4 Issues 51% Own Home 97% 11,223 (Index) Own 2+ Homes 25% Value of Principal Residence $250,000+ 75% Value of Principal Residence $500,000+ 37% Mendelsohn Affluent Study 2009, Heads of Household, $100,000
  3. 3. extend your reach CIGAR AFICIONADO extends your reach by providing a unique audience of readers, with minimal duplication compared to other upscale, lifestyle, business and general interest magazines. % Duplication of CIGAR AFICIONADO Readers that also read The Wall Street Journal 19.6% Men’s Health 18.3% Golf Digest 17.9% Fortune 13.2% Forbes 12.3% GQ 12.3% Men’s Journal 10.2% Golf World 9.5% Vanity Fair 9.4% Robb Report 8.2% Esquire 6.6% The New Yorker 3.5% Source: Mendelsohn Affluent Study 2009, Heads of Household, HHI $100,000+
  4. 4. engagement with Cigar Aficionado Action taken in response to ads in Cigar Aficionado: Index Send for info on the product in the ad 122 Send for product advertised 316 Cut out an ad(s) 177 Cut out an article(s) 324 Cut out or used a recipe 407 Visited the CA website 276 Visited another website 335 According to our MMR 2009, we stand far above our competitors with the number of issues read: Index 4 out of 4 issues 51% 11,223 Cigar Aficionado: Is a good source of learning 54% Makes me think 50% Keeps me informed 25% Is a good escape 35% Puts me in a good mood 28% Gives me good ideas 54% Keeps me up to date/latest trends 60% MRI and MMR 2009
  5. 5. tweetable truths about magazines 12 facts that showcase magazine vitality, in 140 characters or less 1. Magazine readership remains steady in an increasingly crowded and noisy media landscape. Source: MRI Fall Study 2008, Page 7 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook 2. 92% of U.S. adults read magazines. Experian Simmons, 2009 3. Magazine readers pay attention to magazine ads. They don’t pay to avoid the advertising as they do with other media. Source: BIGResearch Simmultaneous Media Usage Study, 2008 Page 30 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook 4. Consumers spend more than $86 million each week on single-copy magazines. Nielsen 2006 5. Subscriptions to magazines are on the rise. 2007: 322 million paid subscriptions. 2008: 325 million paid subscriptions. Source: MPA; A.B.C.. Page 14 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook 6. Magazine subscriptions increased in the first half of 2009. Source: MPA Info Center analysis of ABC First Half 2009 Fas Fax 7. Magazines love the Internet. Almost a quarter of all new subscriptions come from the Internet. Source: MPA Internet Subscription Surveys 2009 edition 8. Magazines build buzz. They excel in reaching people who shape attitudes and behavior. Source: MRI Omnibus Recontact Study, 2008; Page 73 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook 9. Circulation generates more than 40% of all magazine revenue. Source: PriceWaterhouseCoopers Financial Survey for MPA, 2008, 2007, Page 20 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook 10. The number of consumer magazine websites grew 78% between 2005 and 2009. Source:, 2009, Page 9 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook 11. Magazines excel at long-form journalism, superb photography, eye-catching design. 12. Magazines drive web search more than any other medium. More than double Internet advertising and social media. Source: BIGResearch Simmultaneous Media Usage Study (SIMM13), December 2008, Page 70 of MPA 2009 Magazine Handbook Magazine Publishers of America
  6. 6. our loyal subscribers Cigar Aficionado subscribers have a powerful bond with their magazine! Cigar Aficionado conducted a Web survey (through a third party), with no incentive offered, to gain deeper knowledge of our readers’ interest in golf. The survey is based on 1,000 print subscribers. What we learned … • 95% of subscribers have, on average, read 4 out of 4 issues! An astounding level when compared with an industry average of 65%-75% • Subscribers spend on average over 2 hours with each issue • 86% rate Cigar Aficionado as “very good” and “one of their favorites” Who are they? Men 98% Median Age 44.7 Married 75% Attended College + 94% Post Graduate Study 35% Managerial/Professional 72% HHI $100,000+ 70% Median HHI $140,280 Average HHI $208,850 Own Home 86% Own 2+ Homes 38% Median Home Value $411,430 Value of Home Owned $500,000+ 40% This was a Web-based survey conducted by DJG Marketing, LLC in August 2006. The sample for the survey was selected from Cigar Aficionado subscribers who had opted in to receiving material and surveys from Cigar Aficionado. These subscribers are not part of any type of recruited panel and represent a fair and accurate sample of Cigar Aficionado’s subscribers. The actual execution of the survey was done by NJW Research. The results were tabulated on the first 1,000 respondents.
  7. 7. we play golf! Cigar Aficionado subscribers are golfers! Cigar Aficionado conducted a Web survey (through a third party), with no incentive offered, to gain deeper knowledge of our readers’ interest in golf. The survey is based on 1,000 print subscribers. What did We learn? • 63% have played golf for an average of 17.8 years • 60% have golf handicaps of 15 or lower and played an average of 20 rounds of golf this past year • Their average handicap is 14.5 • One-fifth shoot 85 or under, another fifth shoot 86–90, while another shoot 91–95. Their average score is 93.5! • They enjoy the competitive aspect of the game. They play in and attend tournaments. Over 63% played in a club tournament • 50% took private lessons • 40% joined/renewed a golf membership this year • 58% have traveled in the past year to play golf or made specific plans as part of their trip 87% smoke cigars while playing golf ! What do they buy? • 60% bought golf apparel, golf accessories, golf shoes and new clubs: • 36% bought a new driver • 21% bought a new putter • 20% bought new clubs • 40% spent more than $500 on golf equipment and 20% spent more than $1,000 on golf equipment. The average spending was $493 in the past 12 months • 64% bought equipment at a golf specialty store • 52% bought equipment at a pro shop • 5% purchased equipment online This was a Web-based survey conducted by DJG Marketing, LLC in August 2006. The sample for the survey was selected from Cigar Aficionado subscribers who had opted in to receiving material and surveys from Cigar Aficionado. These subscribers are not part of any type of recruited panel and represent a fair and accurate sample of Cigar Aficionado’s subscribers. The actual execution of the survey was done by NJW Research. The results were tabulated on the first 1,000 respondents.
  8. 8. travel Index Valid Passport 79% 123 Median travel round trips 8.7 20–29 round trips 208 5–10 domestic trips 139 20–29 domestic trips 194 30–49 domestic trips 364 11–19 domestic nights in hotel 117 20–29 domestic nights in hotel 177 30–49 domestic nights in hotel 247 50+ domestic nights in hotel 315 Luxury Boutique hotels 136 Index Five Star accomodations 183 Destinations Luxury accommodations 261 California 165 Upscale accommodations 193 Los Angeles 195 11–19 domestic airline trips 287 Florida 164 20–29 domestic airline trips 325 Miami/Miami Beach 235 30–49 domestic airline trips 477 Palm Beach 232 11–19 commercial airline trips 704 Las Vegas 176 Hawaii 188 11–19 foreign trips 880 Pennsylvania 120 11–19 foreign nights in hotel 212 20–19 foreign nights in hotel 518 Washington D.C. 199 50+ foreign nights in hotel 548 Chicago 191 Atlantic City 165 First or Business class 187 New England 159 First class 224 Canada 142 Private air through business 401 Mexico 207 Use of charter service 315 Caribbean 181 3 cruises past 3 years 224 Central America 271 4 cruises past 3 years 416 South America 259 Europe 168 Traveled outside U.S.past 3 years 137 France 256 Pacific Rim 201 11–14 nights away from home 147 Asia 137 20–29 nights away from home 347 30+ nights away from home 231 China/Hong Kong 148 India 122 $5,000–$9,999 cost of trip 238 Japan 391 $10,000–$14,000 cost of trip 311 $25,000–$49,000 cost of trip 343 Mendelsohn Affluent Study 2009, all numbers age 25–54, HHI $100K+
  9. 9. fashion/apparel shopping attitudes Index n “I buy new clothes at the beginning 50% “I rely on magazines to keep me up 127 of each season” to date on fashion” n “When I find a brand, I like to stick to it” 87% “A celebrity endorsement may influence 179 me to consider a brand” n “When a celebrity designs a product, 75% “I often spend more money than I expected 173 I am more likely to purchase” to on my budget” n “I must admit I wear designer brands 64% partially to impress my friends” purchase information Index $100+ designer jeans 202 n “I like to mix and match high- and low- 50% $250+ dress shirt 215 end designers” Belt 180 1 belt 179 2 belts 201 $100+ belt 298 Business suit 215 $100+ 1 business suit 250 $100+ 2 business suits 175 Sports jacket 150 $100+ 1 sports jacket 213 $250+ sports jacket 276 $250+ tuxedo 202 $100K+ 2 casual slacks 123 Dress slacks 158 1 dress slacks 273 Designer jeans 157 2 designer jeans 287 Dress shirt 148 2 dress shirts 253 1 sports shirt 137 2 sports shirts 145 2009 MRI Age 25–64, HHI $100K+, all numbers past 12 months
  10. 10. a sampling of our luxury advertisers AUTOMOTIVE & MOTORCYCLE TRAVEL π Cohiba π udi A π Borgata Hotel & Casino π Cuesta-Rey π MW B π Dominican Republic π Cusano π Cadillac π Doonbeg Golf Resort π Davidoff π Camaro π Embassy Suites π Diamond Crown π Ford Flex π Foxwoods π Don Pepin π Harley-Davidson π India Tourism π Don Tomas π Honda S2 π MGM Grand π Dunhill π Hummer π Monaco Tourism π Felipe Gregorio π Jaguar π Net Jets π Fonseca π Lexus π Pinehurst π Gran Habanos π Nissan π Punta Nizuc π Gurkha π Mercedes-Benz π Punta Cana Resort & Club π Joya de Nicaragua π Porsche π Quintess π La Aurora π Saturn π Ritz Carlton Club & Residences π La Aroma de Cuba π Roco Ki π La Caya OTHER LUXURY π Sea Island Resort π La Flor Dominicana π American Express π St. Kitts Marriott π La Gloria Cubana π Kohler π Trump International Golf Club: π Liga Privada No. 9 π Viking Range Residences π Macanudo π Visa π Venetian Hotel & Casino π Oliva WATCH & JEWELRY π Villas at Royal Lahaina π Padilla π Bell & Ross π Partagas FASHION & ACCESSORIES π Carl F. Bucherer π Rocky Patel Premium π Chanel π Cartier π S.T. Dupont π Ermenegildo Zegna π Chopard π San Cristobal π Louis Vuitton π IWC π Savinelli π Talbott π Jacob & Co. π Siglo π Tommy Bahama π Maurice Lacroix π Stradivarius π Mikimoto CIGARS & ACCESSORIES π Tatuaje π A. Turrent World Select π Oceanus π Ted’s π Alec Bradley π Panerai π Torano π Arturo Fuente π Zenith π Winston Churchill π Ashton π Zino Platinum CONSUMER ELECTRONICS π CAO International π Zippo BLU π Bang & Olufsen π Casa Magna π Canon π Chateau Real
  11. 11. production specifications Printing aDvertiSing SiZe SPeciFicationS Web Offset (SWOP) WIDTH DEPTH Binding: Perfect Bound Publication Trim Size 9.75" 11.875" Publication Trim Size: 9.75" x 11.875" Full Page Bleed 10" 12.125" Full Page Non-Bleed 8.125" 10.5" Digital File SPeciFicationS Spread Trim Size 19.5" 11.875" PDF/X-1a Spread Safety 19" 11.375" n PDF/X1a file (Only one ad per file) Spread Bleed 19.75" 12.125" n Images must be CMYK or Grayscale TIFF or EPS prepared for the SWOP3 color environment Spread Non-Bleed 16.25" 10.5" n Total Area Coverage for CMYK color builds should 2/3 Page Vertical Bleed 7" 12.125" not exceed 300% 2/3 Page Vertical Non-Bleed 6" 10.5" Delivery oF aD Material 1/2 Page Vertical Bleed 4.875" 12.125" Digital files uploaded to our ad portal 1/2 Vertical Non-Bleed 4" 10.5" (uploading tutorial available on site) 1/2 Page Horizontal Bleed 10" 6" 1/2 Page Horizontal Non-Bleed 8.125" 5" Advertising material will be retained for one year, unless return is specifically requested. M. Shanken Communications 1/3 Page Vertical Non-Bleed 3.625" 10.5" is not responsible for keeping material beyond one year. 1/3 Page Vertical Bleed 3.75" 12.125" For Further inForMation Go to, or contact: Connie McGilvray tel: 212-481-8610 x344 Carolyn Plouffé tel: 212-481-8610 x365 SWOP® is a registered trademark of SWOP, Inc.
  12. 12. 2010 issue dates and deadlines SubScriber NewSStaNd cover date Space cloSe Material due Mail date oN-Sale date Jan/Feb 2010 Nov 24, 2009 Nov 30, 2009 Dec 29, 2009 Jan 15, 2010 March/april 2010 Jan 19, 2010 Jan 25, 2010 Feb 23, 2010 March 16, 2010 May/June 2010 March 2, 2010 March 8, 2010 April 6, 2010 April 27, 2010 July/august 2010 May 4, 2010 May 10, 2010 June 8, 2010 June 29, 2010 Sept/oct 2010 July 8, 2010 July 13, 2010 Aug 10, 2010 Aug 31, 2010 Nov/dec 2010 Sept. 14, 2010 Sept 20, 2010 Oct 19, 2010 Nov 9, 2010 Jan/Feb 2011 Nov 17, 2010 Nov 23, 2010 Dec 28, 2010 Jan 14, 2011
  13. 13. 2010 insertion order Advertiser:_ ______________________________________ _ Brand:____________________________________________ _ Address:_ __________________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip:_ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:___________________________________________ _ Fax:______________________________________________ Contact:__________________________________________ _ _Email:____________________________________________ Date:___________________________ Sales_Rep:___________________________________________________________ Size_of_Space:  Page  Spread  Other Issue_Date:  Jan/Feb 2010  Mar/Apr 2010  May/June 2010  July/Aug 2010  Sept/Oct 2010  Nov/Dec 2010 Space_Cost:_ _________________ Gross_ _ _________________ Net Authorized_Signature:_ _______________________________________________ _ Date:___________________________ _ Please fax back to: 212-481-1540 M. SHANKEN COMMUNICATIONS, INC. 387 PARK AVENUE SOUTH π NEW YORK, NY 10016 PHONE: 212-684-4224 π FAX: 212-481-1540
  14. 14. Big Smoke g CIgar aFICIonado’s a fun-filled evening created by CIgar aFICIonado just for cigar lovers. For the past 17 years, the Big Smoke has been our 2010 BIg SMoke SCheduLe signature event, attracting a remarkable audience of affluent, sophisticated men and women. The only event of MgM grand at Foxwoods, Connecticut its kind, Cigar afiCionado’s May 22, 2010 Big Smoke is a unique gather- Las Vegas Weekend ing of thousands of our readers november 12-14, 2010 and advertisers for an evening Venetian hotel of the world’s greatest cigars, new York food, drinks and entertainment. date and Location to Be announced t the Big smoke also provides our advertisers with an exceptional opportunity to have a one-on-one experience with our readers in which they can exhibit or sample products and services. For More InForMatIon, ContaCt: Barry abrams Lynn rittenband Associate Publisher Senior Vice President, Event Marketing 212-684-4224 ext. 388 212-684-4224 ext. 622
  15. 15. copy and contract requirements 1. The acceptance or execution of an order is subject to 11. All orders accepted by the Publisher are contingent Publisher’s approval of copy, text, display and upon acts of God, fires, accidents, strikes or other illustration. interruptions to production and/or distribution of the same or different nature beyond his control. 2. All copy, text, display and illustration are published on the representation that the advertiser and the 12. Rates charged and discounts allowed are subject to advertising agency are fully authorized and have secured short rate at expiration of ad schedule. proper written consent. The advertiser and the 13. Publisher reserves the right to cancel the contract upon advertising agency agree to indemnify and save default in payment or breach of any provision herein, harmless the Publisher from any and all liability, loss and all unpaid charges and short rates shall become and expense of any nature arising from such immediately payable. publication. 14. Publisher reserves the right to reject, exclude, or cancel 3. Any insertion of advertising made by the agency or any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or advertiser represents an acceptance by both the agency position commitment at any time, for any reason, and the advertiser of all the terms and conditions of the without liability, even if previously acknowledged or rate card applicable to the issue in which such insertion accepted. is to be published. 15. All advertisements must be clearly identified by the 4. All rates and units of space are subject to change on 30 trademark or signature of the advertiser. Those which, in days’ notice. the judgment of the Publisher, look like editorial pages 5. Orders for specific units of space and dates of insertions will be marked “Advertisement.” are necessary. 16. The liability of the Publisher for any error for which he 6. Orders specifying positions are accepted on request may be held legally responsible will not exceed the cost basis only. of the space occupied by the error. The Publisher will not, in any event, be liable for loss of income or profits 7. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors in or any consequential damages. key numbers or telephone numbers, or in the printing or insertion of numbers for inserted material. 17. No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on contract orders or copy instructions that conflict with 8. Orders that contain incorrect rates or conditions will be the Publisher’s policies, listed on this rate card, will be inserted and charged for at regular-schedule rates. Such binding on the Publisher. errors will be regarded as clerical. 18. As used in this section, the term “Publisher” shall refer 9. Conditional orders are not accepted by the Publisher. to M. Shanken Communications, Inc. 10. Cancellation or changes in orders not accepted after closing date.