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Google Penguin Recovery Tips


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Website’s owners and webmasters are raising numerous questions and doing every bit to recover from the damage.
Struggling to know what to do in the wake of Google’s Penguin Update

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Google Penguin Recovery Tips

  1. 1. Google Penguin Recovery Tips Shankarsoma | Director, Online Marketing,
  2. 2. Who am I Shankar Director, Online Marketing @seoshankar
  3. 3. A large number of websites have been affectedby recent Google Penguin updates.Website’s owners and webmasters are raisingnumerous questions and doing every bit torecover from the damage.Struggling to know what to do in the wake ofGoogle’s Penguin UpdatePredicting the same
  4. 4. De-optimize website
  5. 5. Increase quality links to pages
  6. 6. Make sure link anchor text is natural -anchor text alteration is crucial now.
  7. 7. Remove Blogroll Links
  8. 8. Scale back the internal link anchor text
  9. 9. Exact match domains hurt
  10. 10. Practice Negative SEO
  11. 11. Move content to a new domain
  12. 12. Write better content
  13. 13. Add more social elements
  14. 14. Site audit to determine problem areas
  15. 15. Think more long term: stop taking short cuts
  16. 16. Recommendations
  17. 17. • Unlike Panda, Penguin is not targeting content – it is more focused on spam and bad SEO practices.• Create Microsites or Micro-Authorities• Do not create crappy microsites; just create a strong supporter for you.• Promote deeper pages of the bigger authority site instead of homepage
  18. 18. • Ping blogs that were originally highlighted by User• Submit Website to the Penguin review form, twice, specifically referencing this article that was being beaten out by the links that referenced it• How’s your robots.txt file doing? Blocking the right stuff?• USE campaign data to implement some canonical URLs to clean up crawl errors and also kill some unnecessary links across the site
  19. 19. • A bit of “SEO cleanup” that revealed your website sitemaps did not exist and/or were broken. Implemented sitemaps and submitted the feeds to Webmaster Tools, which was not happening previously• Cleanup up many duplicate title, Pages, Content and other issues which are reported by Webmaster Tools• Continue to build natural links to the site and promote other positive signals such as referring traffic and social shares• Never remove the credits from links/Users for the Content or the Website where the source was taken
  20. 20. Google Webmaster ToolOnce finished, you can request that Google reconsideryour site for inclusion in its index Webmaster Tool has this insight here
  21. 21. Q+A Time! @seoshankar http// me@shankarsoma.comShankar Soma, mDhil | Director, Online Marketing
  22. 22. Shankarsoma | Director, Online Marketing| @seoshankar +91 - 984-445-8368
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