donorbadge - powering fundraising across social networks


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donorbadge is an innovative fundraising application that allows you to benefit from the vast social networks of your donors, alumni, volunteers and other constituents.

It effectively utilizes social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote and enable peer giving among your constituents.

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donorbadge - powering fundraising across social networks

  1. 1. donorbadge powering fundraising campaigns across social networks donorbadge is an innovative fundraising application that allows you to benefit from the vast social networks of your donors, alumni, volunteers, and other constituents for your fundraising efforts. It effectively utilizes social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote and enable peer giving among your constituents. Several large institutions such as UC Berkeley, University of Michigan as well as medium/small institutions such as Claremont McKenna College are successfully using donorbadge for Annual Giving, Class Gift Campaigns, Young Alumni Campaigns, and Reunion Giving. Create new fundraising opportunities, increase alumni participation and gifts to your institution by leveraging social networks Increases fundraising opportunities The current traditional fundraising methods such as email, direct mail, phone etc. don't offer the means to reach out to the extended networks of the donors. donorbadge, however, enables you to reach out to the new prospective donors by tapping into the social networks of your current donors, volunteers, alumni, and other constituents. In effect, donors and other constituents act as your ambassadors and help you raise funds from their friends. Helps reconnecting to the lost alumni By leveraging the social networks of the alumni donors and volunteers, the institution can re-establish contact with some of the alumni that are Your current fundraising Your fundraising opportunity with no more in contact with the institution. opportunity donorbadge Increases participation and gifts Prospective donors are more likely to respond favorably when solicited by friends whom they trust and have a positive influence on them. Similarly a little peer pressure can go a long way in persuading alumni to give back to their alma mater. By effectively using a donor's influence over her friends and by creating positive peer pressure among friends, donorbadge increases participation and gift amounts, not to mention repeat gifts, to your annual fundraising campaigns. Increases the Young Alumni giving Young Alumni rely more on social networking sites rather than on email and telephone to communicate with friends and family. By communicating through the social networking channel they frequently use, donorbadge enables you to engage and promote giving among Young Alumni. With donorbadge, you can get your Young Alumni to start giving early and continue giving every year. This increases the average life-time donations of the recent graduated alumni. Enriches online giving experience Access to social network data Quick to launch Using donorbadge, donors can add a Track and analyze the data from peer-to- It takes just a few minutes to integrate personal touch to their online giving peer solicitations in real-time. Get access donorbadge with your giving experience and proudly share their to the latest donor information from the infrastructure and get started. Did we support with their friends and family. social networks, with donor permission. mention that it requires little or no donorbadge offers a cost effective way This helps the institution to increase the maintenance? to humanize online giving and make effectiveness of its future communication. the donors feel good about their support to your institution. donorbadge features
  2. 2. donorbadge features Effective integration with social networks Maximize your fundraising opportunities by using donorbadge's highly effective integration with the popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, and even email. Fundraising for unlimited number of funds and units Use donorbadge for any number of funds or units in your institution. Create individual donorbadges for the high profile funds and use the catch-all donorbadge for the rest of the funds. donorbadge can be managed centrally and/or by the individual units. Custom branding Customize the donorbadge application to reflect your branding and annual giving campaign. Add your institution/campaign logo, theme, and colors to make it a seamless social networking extension of your giving infrastructure. Giving infrastructure integration Integrate donorbadge online web application with your giving infrastructure in just a few minutes using our drop-in widget framework. REST API integration is also available for a closer integration. Easy to start and zero maintenance You can start using donorbadge for your fundraising with just an image and a brief message. donorbadge and your constituents will take care of the rest and help you raise funds from the constituents' social networks. And, you can track all the activity from the website. Donor personalization donorbadge offers the right mix of donor personalization and institution control. You control branding and messaging, while the constituents personalize their donorbadge and persuade their social network friends to support your institution. Real-time analytics and social network data donorbadge offers a robust real-time analytics platform to track fundraising across the social networks. You can download up-to-date social network data and analyze it in detail. About donorbadge Contact donorbadge is a product of Orbees Inc., a company focused exclusively on providing Website : technology solutions to the higher education community since 2006. Orbees is headquartered in the San Franscisco Bay Area. Email : For more information: Phone : 1.510.623.0400 visit and Copyright © 2009 Orbees Inc. All rights reserved.