Drivers of Change - eLearning Design & Development


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What drives change in a Corporate eLearning environment?

Know the causes of the change. That could help you define and mitigate them. With specific accent on the current global nature of business and enterprise groups, how do you embrace this change ?

Know the painpoints to know the solutions.

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Drivers of Change - eLearning Design & Development

  1. 1. We deliver Smarter e-Learning ! Drivers of Change! - eLearning Design & Development
  2. 2. Ideaon Let’s View Them With The Right Perspective …
  3. 3. Ideaon Learning Infrastructure •E-learning Standards •Learning Management System • Connect with other talent/performance management applications • Facilitating informal learning • LMS as a back-end Learning Tools & Technology •Rapid E-learning tools •Adaptive Learning Environments •m-Learning •Learning Objects Learning Effectiveness •Blended Learning •Nano Learning •Contextual / JIT Learning •Informal Learning / Blogs •Wikis / Collaborative learning •Simulation/game based learning Learning Context •Rapid e-Learning •e-Learning 2.0 •Podcasting •Informal Learning / Blogs •Performance Management •Wikis / Collaborative learning •Talent Management Four Broad Buckets, Many Trends …
  4. 4. Ideaon • Decipher biz trends & competency needs • Review learning & KM content portfolio • Assimilate state-of-the-art in learning • Define approach for fulfilling competency needs • Manage technology functionality • Manage vendors • Drive interfaces with other organizational systems • Ensure robust architecture and high availability • Develop / maintain content • Facilitate internal content creation • Manage delivery • Manage physical infrastructure Measure • Define appropriate measures • Report on training performance and competency development • Review learning approach • Facilitate business review The CLO Perspective …
  5. 5. Ideaon Knowledge Creation at the Fringes of an Organization Knowledge Creation at the Fringes of an Organization • Non-practitioners find it difficult to stay abreast • The virtual death of the “Instructor Dropping Content LongevityDropping Content Longevity Acute Talent ShortageAcute Talent Shortage • Self-published content • Continuous renewal of content • Talent unavailable for education • Synchronous models of training shrinking Relevant Trends e-Learning 2.0 Rapid e-Learning Informal Mobile,Podcasting Collaborative Learning Drivers Impact Drivers of Change - Content
  6. 6. Ideaon Globally Distributed TeamsGlobally Distributed Teams • Local / Regional shades of content • Delivery of learning on mobile devices Demand for Contextual DeliveryDemand for Contextual Delivery Explosive Growth of Internal ContentExplosive Growth of Internal Content • No-frills, just-in-time content • Work-flow embedded content • Social element of effective learning • Blurring distinction between KM and learning • Need for managing the content exposure Relevant Trends m-Learning Blended Learning Podcasting Nano Learning ALE Drivers Impact Drivers of Change - Delivery
  7. 7. Ideaon Turbulent Business EnvironmentTurbulent Business Environment • Flexibility in the learning portfolio • Tighter alignment with business for faster reaction times Competency Growth & Alignment Key for Survival & Growth Competency Growth & Alignment Key for Survival & Growth Demand for Performance VisibilityDemand for Performance Visibility • Integrated competency development plans aligned with business objectives • Flexibility in technology platforms • Need for a business language to communicate performance • Analytics emerging as a discipline Relevant Trends Measurement & Analytics Performance Management Talent Management Drivers Impact Drivers of Change – Business Connect
  8. 8. Ideaon What is the net result of all this? Pain Points !!! (Sometimes Extreme !!!) 8
  9. 9. Ideaon 9 Adoption Challenges Piecemeal solutions fail to resolve fundamental issues Internal sys/processes are out of sync with the trend Varying maturity levels affect implementability Adoption not completely thought through • Hype • Peer pressure • Vendor push • Sys/processes/culture evolve over time • Superimposition of trends causes friction • Trends emerge from academic/research initiatives • Evolution process towards commercial viability takes time • Inappropriate scope definition • Vendor commitment & competence are issues Genesis of These Pain Points …
  10. 10. Ideaon Mitigate those painpoints ! Call us for an indepth discussion for solutions! IDEAON 925.465.2175
  11. 11. India 61, Ground Flr, 3rd Cross, 17th Main, BTM Layout Stage 1, Bangalore - 560068 Telephone: +91 80 414 898 00/02 Fax: +91 80 414 898 01 Email: USA Headquarters California 19925, Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014 Phone: 408-725-7502 Cell: 925-788-9762 Email: