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Uses and Gratifications t

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Uses and Gratifications t

  1. 1. Uses and Gratification Theory
  2. 2. What is Uses and Gratification Theory? Uses and Gratification theory is used as an approach to understand why people use particular media and what they get out of it based on their personal preferences. Elihu Katz introduced the Uses and Gratification theory, when he discovered that majority of people use media to their advantage. When Katz expanded the theory which he then published in 1974, he stated that individuals choose to use different texts for different purposes.
  3. 3. Surveillance Surveillance is about individuals feeling more safe when they know about different things going on around them. The audience also get reassurance when they watch a horror film as they know it is not real and they are not personally in danger. If an individual watches a horror film and someone gets kidnap they feel more reassured as it is not happening to them.
  4. 4. Escapism Escapism allows individuals to escape their personal life and forget about their problems whilst watching the film. The individual could watch a comedy due to feeling depressed as a method to feel better about themselves. This method also used by individuals for relaxation, is for example, unwinding after a stressful week at work.
  5. 5. Personal Identity Personal identity is when the viewer compares their life with the life of a character within the film. Individuals who have similar lives to a character begin to feel close with the character as they can relate well to them. On the other hand, viewers can compare their lives to a character in the film and find many differencesbetween the two personalities. This leaves the viewer thinking about these differences.
  6. 6. Personal Relationships Cinemas and Television are types of media that can create a connection between people as they have watched something together and witnessed the same things, therefore, giving them something to discuss. They could watch a scene of somebody being killed and as a result of this they would be able to feel the same terrifying emotion.
  7. 7. Recognition Viewers can recognise the genre of a film due to familiar conventions and character types. The typical conventions which we will be using will be extreme close ups as this will portray the emotions felt by the actor, this will be so the genre of the film is clear to the audience. We will also be using low key lighting throughout our opening sequence as this will help to set the scene. Another typical convention which we will be using will be using a female as the victim in order to portray representation of gender. However, we will also be trying to incorporate other conventions which are not as common such as use of hand-held camera to make the audience get a sense of realism. Another uncommon convention which we will be trying to use, is a twist. We will also be using a vulnerable looking girl as our protagonist as in a variety of different genre films, females are represented as being weak and inferior.
  8. 8. Information in our film Satisfying curiosity and general interest The viewer will begin to feel curious about what will happen next and how the main character, Zoe will be affected.
  9. 9. Integration and Social Interaction in our film Gaining insight into circumstances of others; social empathy The audience of our film begin to feel scared and nervous for Zoe as they fear for her safety. Finding a basis for conversation and social interaction After watching the film the audience can form interactions with each other by discussing the film and how it personally made them feel.
  10. 10. Entertainment in our film Escaping, or being diverted, from problems By watching our film the audience will be able to forget about their own personal problems and escape from their personal lives. Relaxing By watching our film certain audience members will gain pleasure if they find films entertaining and relaxing to watch. Filling Time Many people who watch our film could use it to fill spare time which they have in their lives. This will provide entertainment whilst they relax. Emotional Release Many of our viewers will feel emotion for our actress, Zoe as in the film her vulnerability is taken advantage of.
  11. 11. What will the audience get out of our opening sequence? From our opening sequence we want our viewers to be entertained and intrigued into watching the rest of the film and left on the edge wondering what is else to come. We will do this by using typical codes and conventions of a horror film.


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