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Lighting ideas


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Lighting ideas

  1. 1. Lighting Ideas
  2. 2. Lighting used in horror films Lighting frequently used in horror films are: • Ambient lighting show to the audience a scene of realism as ambient lighting is natural light that comes from the real world. • Profile lighting, this is when half the face is lit up and the other half is dark. This could show to the audience that a character has to personalities to them both good and bad. It could also show to the audience that the character is trying to hide themselves away via hiding one half of their face. This could show that they have something to hide from the audience. • Underling lighting, this is when the lighting is coming from underneath the character or object. This is mainly used to create a ghostly effect and horrified feeling. • Back-lighting, is lighting which is coming from behind. This helps create a silhouette effect to the audience. This helps create suspense as it makes it look like someone is creating up on someone from behind.
  3. 3. Our lighting idea • In out film trailer we will be using lighting such as: • Ambient lighting to show realism in our film. • Available lighting such as room lights, this could also be used to give of a sense of realism. • Profile lighting, this will be used to show that characters have two sides in them, both evil and good side.
  4. 4. Spot light Ambient Lighting Profile Lighting Available Lighting
  5. 5. Lighting • Lighting which is used in horror films are very important in setting the mood and setting in each scene. • The lighting in each scene helps build suspense to the audience when watching the trailer. • The lighting in horror films are usually dark to set a more realist scene as most of the action happens at night. The darkness makes it harder for the audience to see all the mise-en-scene in the frame and means they have to be more attentive when looking at the trailers to make sure they catch everything. • By the lighting being dark, helps create fear in the audience mind. It gives of the fear if the unknown as they don’t know what could be lurking in the darkness.
  6. 6. Lighting used in ‘The Conjuring’ The lighting that is used in ‘The Conjuring’ is very dark and gives a sense of fear to the audience from the beginning of the film trailer. Where the two main characters are downstairs in a basement it is in darkness part from the torch which they have one, creating a silhouette and spot light effect. This could be worry the audience as they don’t know what could be lurking in the darkness, as it is left to the audiences imagination.