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Costume ideas


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Published in: Education
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Costume ideas

  1. 1. Costume, Hair & Make-up Ideas
  2. 2. Sorority row • Costumes in teenage horrors are made to fit into the scene and their characters and age. This film is set in America, where the weather is hot, this explains why this character is in a crop top, shorts and a thin cardigan. Her costume helps shows to the audience her age and her stance makes her look vulnerable. Her make up seems minimal and her hair looks naturally straight. Her make up looks minimal but natural but her lips looks coloured and glossy to show that she takes care in her presentation.
  3. 3. Costume Ideas
  4. 4. Costumes usually used in horrors • Antagonist usually in dark, dull colours to show to the audience their emotion and personality is very mysterious and sinister. • This could also show to the audience that they have a dark side to them, that they might not have seen yet. • Nude colours or white used for the protagonists to show their innocence. The white could show that they are pure, the nude colour could show their vulnerability.
  5. 5. Our costume ideas • • • • • Our costume idea is to make sure that the antagonist stands out to the audience and intimidate and scare them whilst watching the film. The antagonist Jamal, is dressed mainly in white and black. This is to show to the audience that his personality is split between good and evil. The white in his outfit portrays innocence as he is not the one who is bullying the troubled girl Genner. The fashionable way in which Jamal dresses suggests to the audience that he is still in education and that he independent and strong. Taylor is mainly dress in nude colour tops, darkly coloured bottoms and red/maroon coloured shoes. This is to show her innocence and love in the scene. The white illustrating innocents as she doesn’t play a part in the physical bullying. The red connotes her love for Taylor and her strong feelings for him. The other girls from the elite group are called (Chanel, Taylor, Jamal, Trey, Kim and Brandy). They will be dressed in casual clothing, such as jeans, t-shirts, blouses and hoodies. This is to show that the characters are laid back not well educated as they are uncaring . This way the audience wouldn't sympathise them. Genner the girl that deals with the bullying and ends up possessing Jamal. Wears dark clothing both on the top and the bottom. This is to show her uniqueness and her darkness that has built up from all the damage and wounds that the girls have inflicted upon her.
  6. 6. Hair Ideas
  7. 7. Hair ideas used in Horror films • In slasher films the girls hair are usually blond or on occasion brunette. Mostly blonds to show that they are unintelligent and vulnerable to the audience. Their hair is usually straight and well presentable. • Unlike possession film where the characters hair are normally natural and long. The protagonist hair are usually brunette or light brown, to show their intelligence but also their vulnerability. • The antagonist hair are usually short and messy or long and droopy, which fall in front of their face to give them a more scary and disorientated look to the audience.
  8. 8. Our hair ideas • Our antagonist Genner is going to have her hair up to show her control and the features on her face, especially after the girls have terrorised her. Sometimes her hair is left down, this is done to show her vulnerability in the scenes. Especially near the beginning of the trailer to show where she was an outcast and defenceless and a target to the elite group. The fact that her hair will be covering her face could help show to the audience her secret undying love for Jamal. • Taylor will have her hair natural but presentable to the audience, and give of the feel that she cares about her education about her presentation. • Jamal will have a shape which isn’t clean but this will show to the audience that he’s still at school and cant afford to keep up with having a hair cut every week. This could show that he’s quite laid back and doesn’t worry to much about his presentation to the others in the group. • All the members of the elite group apart from Jamal and Genner, have their hair have their hair casual and scruffy, this shows that they don’t care to much about their presentation.
  9. 9. Make-up ideas
  10. 10. Make-up ideas used in horror films • The protagonist make up in the possession films are usually pale make-up. Their make up are usually pale with a slight colour on the cheeks to show life but normally no colours on the lips and eyes. • The antagonist usually has a pale face in possession films to show their ghostly spirit effect. The paleness in their face could also show that they have no life in them (Lifeless). They usually have dark eye make up to show their inner darkness to the audience, it also shows that they have a darker side to them that the audience might not be able to see straight away. Sometimes on the antagonist they show broses and scares from past events, which could also be horrific to the audience.
  11. 11. Our make-up ideas • • • • • Genner’s make up will be dark around the eyes to show her deeper and dark side to the audience. Most of her make up will be dark to show that later on in the film she reveals her dark side to the audience and deep inside she is evil. She will have dark lipstick on her lips to connote death and fear to the audience. The lipstick colour will either be dark purple or black. The make –up used on her face will illustrate the hidden emotion which she tries to hide form Jamal. Taylor will have no make up on, to make sure she looks natural and to show to people that she takes care of her skin and doesn’t need make up to make her face better. This is to also show that Jamal loves her for who she is not what she looks like. Kim also doesn’t wear make up because she doesn't care what people think about her with or without make up, so she prefers not to wear it. Also the fact that she is full education she doesn't always have the money to keep topping up on make-up. Chanel always wears a full face of make-up because she’s fixated with herself and likes to see herself highly and would like others to think the same too. Brandy will wear some make up now and again to show to the audience that she takes care in her self and her presentation.