The future of E-Learning in 2013


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Here are my forecasts for the future of e-learning, which was presented via a webinar for ASTD-LA.

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The future of E-Learning in 2013

  1. 1. Where are we going in 2013?Presenter: Craig WeissCEO & Analyst, E-Learning 24/7
  2. 2. 2013 E-LearningThe future looks bright, but hold off on those shades Authoring Tools Web Conferencing Learning Management Watch out here comes Still the bland same as ever Systems SaaS, HTML5 output & 2013, people will next tier of features finally ask why LCMSs are heading into the dead zone, but LMS fans should take note, for in 2013 the industry will break new ground
  3. 3. 2013 E-LearningThe future looks bright, but hold off on those shades Learning Platforms Digital Textbooks Kinect Technology and Augmented Mobile, social, collaborative Take 1 part tablets, another Reality and ? part e-readers and a final part of paper textbook Education market will costs. What do you have? continue to drive the industry. Expect Kinect and AR to build mass, finally!
  4. 4. E-Learning Target Groups in EducationNo longer the ugly step-child ofinstructor led training orclassroom learning K-6 College Adults 7-12 Idaho Florida Early Adopters in Education North America Asia Europe Australia Growth Markets72% 81%Wants their LMS Wants theirto offer Outlook or Properitary on Troublesome?online/offline Gmail calendarssynch with tied to systems‘s the rise Yestablets, mobile eventdevices management
  5. 5. LMS Far from dead, robust as ever Apps Video Streaming Did I mentionOn/Off Synch Personalized Content Packaged video?
  6. 6. Next Gen Lite LMSChecklist 1. Low Cost  …  … 2. Streamlined Feature Set  …  … 3. Not a LMS, they want you to believe that is true, it’s not  …  … 4. Links to courses via e-mail, social – no need to login  …  …
  7. 7. Ready. Set. Go.Voices will carry Behold  Image, Video/Audio recording and editing  TinCan  Classroom management with a twist  Reusable Learning Objects and Storyboards
  8. 8. Does Talent Matter? Talent ManagementStand alone PLUS more features in a LMS Will they become mini ERPs? HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems)
  9. 9. Authoring Tools Expect Change
  10. 10. Video Learning Platforms Tracking Web cam, video cam, mobile devices Keyword, transcripts Management Streaming, Engaging Interfaces, Integration
  11. 11. Learning Apps Cross Platform Windows 8 Google Play Android Apple
  12. 12. The Future of E-LearningLMS market surpasses 600 Digital Textbooks become the Continued evolution of norm, Online learning in K-12 mobile devices creates follows suit rapid transistion of capabilities throughout e- learning 2013 2014 2015 2016 2020 Learning comes your way Hybrid systems come into via gaming devices and focus, driven by emerging media centers at home technology and customer need