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Nextgen: Where E-Learning is Heading


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E-Learning is no longer just a single online premise. With a variety of emerging technologies, the next gen of learning is upon us.

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Nextgen: Where E-Learning is Heading

  1. 1. WINTER 5 Trends inTemplateE-Learning 2013 Speaker: Craig Weiss, CEO, E-Learning 24/7
  2. 2. 01Tablets with NextGen Technology
  3. 3. 02Augmented Reality
  4. 4. 03Digital Textbooks
  5. 5. 04Asynchronous Learning (WBT) Surpasses Classroom (ILT)
  6. 6. 05Kinect Technology
  7. 7. 06Крэйг Уэйсс, Генеральный директор E-Learning 24/7, Global Consulting Firm E: Тел: (1) 661-713-2492 Skype: diego.studiocity E-Learning 24/7 Blog