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Future of E-Learning


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Presentation made at Online Educa Berlin 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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Future of E-Learning

  1. 1. Future of E-Learning 2020 Presented by Craig Weiss, CEO & Analyst of E-Learning 24/7
  2. 2. E-Learning Today and Beyond As an Industry 2013 E-Learning 2020 E-Learning As the industry for learning
  3. 3. E-Learning Look into the crystal ball LMS Video Chunking Big Data Media Tools Gaming Content Networks
  4. 4. Where are we heading 2020 95% E-Learning, 5% ILT. 2017 Interactivy sweeps the media center, apps, emerging tech, what else? 2014 Video, Gamification, Big Data, Learning Bytes..Gaming as we know it – makes a splash in content 2013 HTML5 on the rise, Video debuts, One stop shop starting to appear
  5. 5. LMS – The beginning of innovation Modern, Easy to Use, Vendors wake up You call them APIs, Vendors call them the future of personalization 2014-15 Why go elsewhere to get what you need? It is all right here..except for… Leaderboards, Incentive points, Badges – will it suffice?
  6. 6. Coming soon to your LMS MOOC capabilities – Education you bet! Corporate - mixed Video editing, can you say mobile capture? Don’t forget it is all about video 2014-18 Education finally gets it, but is it too late? A lot of concerns, privacy and security among them, but it won’t stop its appearance
  7. 7. Learning Management Systems – IS NOT DEAD Rumors continue  580+ systems  Consolidation is less than .0025%  Many people are not looking for talent management as a component  Forget what people think they are hearing, look at what is happening
  8. 8. Authoring Tools 2014-16 2014 – Part 1 Look out by 2016 • Avatars, Templates, Easy, Limited • Layers, Triggers, Appearance • Sims • Gamification • HTML5 output • • • • • True video course capabilities Instructional design driven (for some) Analytics SaaS Gaming but not what you expect
  9. 9. Toolbox Web Conferencing Stagnation continues, but..
  10. 10. Tick Tock 2020 Here we Are Continues to grow, Social stagnant, Gamification arrives Year of Personalization Arriving to a location Emerging Takes Hold Finally! 2015 2017 2020 Tick Tock Tick E-Learning is the It’s all abut the buyer Media centers at your Technology drives the requirement, ILT is not, where do we go? home, on the road, market but watch out, More LMS vendors nothing is easy as become early you think adopters 2013 2014   Tick Tock
  11. 11. Contact Information Craig Weiss CEO, Analyst E-Learning 24/7 Web site: