Tpex "Connecting The World"


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Telepresence Exchange Netherlands, Benelux, Europe

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Tpex "Connecting The World"

  2. 2. TPEX is an integratedVideo Collaboration Solutions ProviderTPEX stands for :Telepresence Exchange Netherlands | Europe | InternationalTPEX offers : Sales of TelePresence products (Tandberg, Cisco, Polycom) Design and implementation of integrated solutions for various markets Experience and demo center with wide range of (market) solutions Distribution of TelePresence products (Benelux, Nordics) Services and maintenance Financing and billing
  3. 3. TPEX’s vision is to deliver globalvideo collaboration platform and services TPEX designs market solutions for optimizing efficiency, getting more agile and reduce carbon footprint by implementing telepresence technology TPEX delivers a “full service” Telepresence service:  All Technology, systems and services are offered as an integrated solution  Fixed subscription fee per month + cost the cost of Telepresence usage  “Pay per use” TPEX manages its local Telepresence Exchange of Public and Private Telepresence connections  Most locations in The Netherlands, Europe and some abroad  International connectivity through Tata Communications
  4. 4. TPEX Goal for our customers Streamlining production processes …. Improve efficiency ….. Reducing costs by ….. Reducing carbon footprint ….. By Improving communication (adding video) Being more connected, always and everywhere (see each other) Sharing information and knowledge (read, listen, observe)
  6. 6. Markets Developments Hotel & Leisure Industry Financials Production & Logistics Retail …. we have to become MORE Efficient, Agile, Flexible and “more green” ….
  7. 7. Internet gets us connected..The internet has created aseamless and alwaysaccessible intelligentinfrastructure which providesa connection for everyone toeverything from anywhereThis will create a hugeopportunity for companies toget on the world economicforefront!We at TPEX have thecollaboration &communication services tofacilitate this!
  8. 8. ..people will connect with peoplefrom anywhere..In the near future, people willconnect to content, use socialmedia and commercialinteractions at any time fromanywhere
  9. 9. ..which will change the way we collaborate,communicate and share knowledge
  10. 10. … meeting in a Virtual Meeting Roomwill become common practice … Singapore Dubai New York Amsterdam
  11. 11. …Coffee Corners will become social hubs…
  12. 12. …Shopping Malls will allowcollaboration.. Hello Sir, can I explain something about the product?
  13. 13. …Live Experiences (Music) will boostcreativity…
  14. 14. … in the end will allow us to shareknowledge
  15. 15. …and tools & technology will drivecollaborationDigital Economies have a better fitinto the change process from oldto new. Parts of the old economicprocesses can be outsourcedwithout requiring the wholeprocess to be changedThe use of advanced technologyblurs boundaries, cultures, andcreates global economies.Organizations should leverage thistoday!
  17. 17. Status of teleworking …. ReplacedPostal, Letters, by email,Documents global apps Replaced byVoice, mobiles, phoneDiscussions voipMeetings TRAVELLINGGet Together COMMUTINGPresentations
  18. 18. Working globally (1) :meeting, flying, travelling …. > 40% of our time we spend on moving from one location to an other location a) commuting b) going to a meeting c) coming from a meeting YOU d) planning for a meeting in order to meet with each other
  19. 19. Working global (2) :We are still blind in our professionalworld …. decisionsinformation information discussions discussions voice voice YOU
  20. 20. This is where we are in our professional life ….Computers and Networks 1:1 calls for information exchangeEmail and Collaboration Tools Conference Calls with groupsShared ApplicationsCloud Applications INFORMATION SHARING VOICE VIDEO Skype Regular Video Conference
  21. 21. TPEX is adding the third dimension … TELE VIDEO / PRESENCE TELE VOICEINFORMATION
  22. 22. and adding the fourth dimension … TELE CONTROL TELE VIDEO / PRESENCE TELE VOICEINFORMATION
  24. 24. What value does this create? • One button operation • Integration to calendar Simplicity • Attendant-less operation• Life-size interactions • Proven Human Key Reliability technologies• Designed from Factors Differentiators the start based • Network Quality of on human Service factors for communication Quality • High-definition, real time24
  25. 25. provide a large installed base !
  26. 26. The TPEX network expands rapidly Value will More increase locations Usage Increased will usage increase Cost will drop
  27. 27. Interoperability with other devices… Web Cams Desktop VC WebEx SD Video Conferencing HD Video Facetime Conferencing …and other Telepresence Providers Tata Communications BT
  28. 28. But also: “CEO-Proof” product  It is a service, not a technology; it’s a meeting, not a call  Must be operated by anyone with the lowest technological acumen Work with partners to increase usage  Partnerships with key stakeholders E.g. Business Travel arena: they book TP meetings like they sell airline tickets  Pro-actively grow and manage channels 28
  29. 29. Business benefit =>Increase Business Agility & Efficiency Improves communication efficiency and effectiveness Brings together geographically dispersed teams Reduces high costs of supporting disparate unified communications networks Accelerates decision-making Reduces travel costs and shrinks carbon footprint of corporation
  30. 30. IT Benefits => Integrate CommunicationProcesses & Reduce IT Complexity Simple, scalable, and secure Easy to deploy and manage Secure voice and video communication across corporate boundaries Fewer resources needed to manage communications infrastructure
  31. 31. End-user Benefits => StreamlineCommunication & Foster Collaboration Lifelike unified communication experience Collaborate more effectively with visual communications Will allow global collaboration which will lead to more knowledge sharing New business models will be created, due to change in mindset and ability to co-create
  33. 33. The TelePresence Exchange : TPEX John TPEX Peter Company 1 all individual TPEX Company 2 Company 3 all private WTC Regus all public Hotels all external TPEXVideo Exchange Bus End Points
  34. 34. TPEX International Connection (TATA) all external Dubai AT&T TATA Bangalore BT Shanghai NY Boston Los Angeles London Paris Frankfurt TPEX is strategic partner of TATA Communications Inc.
  35. 35. TPEX – Our ServicesBuilding and managing TelePresence locations Design, planning, building and maintaining the technical installations and TP rooms Maintenance of TPEX rooms (remote) Host(ess) to welcome customers and offer support before, during and after TelePresence sessionsOperational 24x7 Management of the entire installation, network and end-points 24x7 Scheduling of sessions on TPEX exchange Concierge functionality Connecting national and international TelePresence locations Pre-call checksFinancial Financing End Points in PPU (Price Per Usage) model Invoicing of TelePresence sessions (fixed fee + usage)
  36. 36. TPEX – Subscription Types All-Private what : multi-location, single tenant installation target : medium-sized to larger customers with multiple locations cost : high subscription fee, low usage fee All-Public what : multi-location; multi tenant installation target : Smart Work Centers, hotels, conference locations cost : low subscription fee, high usage fee All-Shared what : single/multi-location; single tenant installation target : customers with 1 or more end-points that are used publically and privately cost : average subscription fee, low usage fee for internal usage
  37. 37. Cover The Benelux Offer Telepresence services at low costBe present at all local business hubsand strategic locations Interconnect to International locations
  38. 38. Connecting to the world …
  39. 39. Offerings Consultancy and Advise on Efficiency Programs Design collaboration platform for Global Companies Build, implement and maintain TelePresence infrastructures on world wide basis Manage Scheduling and improve Company’s productivity and efficiency Empower your business!
  41. 41. TPEX – Head QuartersBoeing Avenue 501119 PE Schiphol RijkAmsterdam – The Netherlands
  42. 42. TPEX office location
  43. 43. TPEX – Contact Information Robert Rosier CEO Rob ten Kroode CTO Danny Frietman Director Strategy & Innovation Shangieta Hanoeman International Sales Manager
  45. 45. TPEX - End Points TPEX 100/200 system Handheld and Webcams TPEX 1000 system 1 : 1 Meetings TPEX 2000 system Concierge Function TPEX 3000 system Executive Meetings TPEX 4000 system Coffee Corners TPEX 5000 system Life Experiences TPEX 6000 system Interactive Presence for Shopping Malls TPEX 7000 system Health Presence TPEX 8000 system TelePresence Holographic Projection TPEX 9000 system TeleCubes (fixed and mobile)
  46. 46. TPEX 100 : Meeting between 2 people Apple FaceTime
  47. 47. TPEX 200 : WebEx Technology
  48. 48. TPEX 1000 : Meeting between 2 people
  49. 49. TPEX 1300 : Meeting with max 12 people TPEX 1300
  50. 50. TPEX 2000 : Concierge function
  51. 51. TPEX 3000 : Executive meetings
  52. 52. TPEX 3200 : Meeting with max 36 people
  53. 53. TPEX 4000 : Coffee Corners
  54. 54. TPEX 5000 : Live Experiences (Music)
  55. 55. TPEX 5000 : Live Experiences (Music)
  56. 56. TPEX 5000 : Live Experiences (Event)
  57. 57. TPEX 6000 : Shopping Malls Hello Sir, can I explain something about the product?
  58. 58. TPEX 7000 : Health Presence
  59. 59. TPEX 8000 : Holographic Projection
  60. 60. TPEX 8000 : Holographic Projection
  61. 61. TPEX 9000 : TeleCube Fixed
  62. 62. TPEX 9000 : TeleCube Mobile