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CASE STUDY | Lo Stile Di Vita - 11.11 Single's Day Campaign


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Digital and E-commerce Case Study - Lo Stile Di Vita (Cosmetics) - 11.11 Campaign
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CASE STUDY | Lo Stile Di Vita - 11.11 Single's Day Campaign

  1. 1. Digital & E-Commerce CASE STUDY November 2013 Lo Stile di Vita 11.11 digital campaign
  2. 2. BACKGROUND Lo Stile Di Vita, “philosophy of life”, is an organic lavender based cosmetic brand and a new player in the Chinese cosmetic market. LSDV offers high efficacy yet authentically organic beauty solutions, masterminded by an Italian team in Tuscany, passionate about organic and high quality skin care products. The expert team is ensuring high quality ingredients and is focusing on limited but fresh skin care products.
  3. 3. BACKGROUND LSDV skin care products are sold online on Taobao, China’s biggest e-commerce platform owned by Alibaba. 11.11 | China’s Singles Day E-commerce companies mark the occasion by flooding the Internet with promotions and by increasing demand on China’s biggest online shopping day. In 2013, Alibaba’s main platforms (Taobao and Tmall) topped $5.75 billion within 24 hours. A perfect timing for LSDV to create brand awareness and increase sales.
  4. 4. CHALLENGE LSDV is a new brand with low visibility. - Creating brand awareness. - Building a relationship with consumers. - Increasing sales. CONSUMER INSIGHT: 2 main sources of information for customers before buying a product: - E-WOM from trusted platforms such as social media and forum. - WOM from friends, family and other consumers.
  5. 5. CHALLENGE LSDV took the opportunity of 11.11, China’s biggest online shopping day, to create a campaign allowing LSDV to: - increase brand awareness. - drive more sales. 11.11 D-DAY OFFER - Buy 1 get 1 free. - The first and last buyers purchase for free. - Customers can participate in a lucky draw for a chance to win a skin care travel kit and 20RMB cash vouchers.
  6. 6. SOLUTION LSDV released a 3 steps multi-channels campaign. Weibo WeChat Douban Forum (BBS) “LSDV 11.11 Carnival, do you want to join?” FIRST STEP: Post event [10.25 – 11.05]
  7. 7. SOLUTION SECOND STEP: Warm up [11.05 – 11.11] and FINAL STEP: D Day [11.11] 1. Weibo post has been reposted by KOLs. 2. The official Wechat account sent a post about the event everyday. 3. Articles has been posted on forums.
  8. 8. RESULTS - 11.11 Shopping Festival generated more than RMB60,000 in sales. - More than 300 orders has been completed successfully. - LSDV Taobao shop attracted 150 new customers within a day. - LSDV sales volume were ranked 13th among 450,000 Taobao shops awarded level 2 of trust (Diamond level).
  9. 9. RESULTS LSDV created post related to lucky draw winners and package sending on WeChat and Weibo. Plus, to maintain interactions with customers about the shopping festival, LSDV encouraged them to share pictures of their using experience on Weibo and WeChat by using incentives and increased brand awareness.
  10. 10. Uncle Advertising is a full service agency providing creative advertising solutions, digital marketing and social connectivity strategies. We provide ‘creative solutions’ which build brands and businesses in China. We help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in chinese social media: Weibo and Wechat. For more information, please visit our linkedin company page Uncle Advertising (Scan our QR code), follow us on Twitter @ShanghaiUncleAd or drop us an email at Contributors: Lao Feng, Elsa Bouillot, Josselin Roulet