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CASE STUDY | Jaguar XJ 2.0T


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Social Media Case Study - Jaguar XJ 2.0T
Made in China by Uncle Advertising, a full service agency providing creative advertising solutions, digital marketing and social connectivity strategies for brands in China.

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CASE STUDY | Jaguar XJ 2.0T

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDY June 2013 Jaguar XJ 2.0T
  2. 2. BACKGROUND • Jaguar is a British automaker, officially incorporated as Jaguar Land Rover Ltd since December 2012. Jaguar XJ 2.0T selling points: - LIGHT: aluminum body - EYE-CATCHING: slender, bright and attractive body - SECURE: smart security system - FAST: fast acceleration - LUXUOUS: handmade and high-end interior - ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: low carbon impact, high energy saving Jaguar XJ 2.0T = SMART CHOICE
  3. 3. CHALLENGE • Consumer insight: The more POWERFUL a car is, the more LUXURIOUS it is. • Despite consumers belief, XJ 2.0T is a luxury car. The challenges were to change consumers perception by promoting Jaguar XJ 2.0T selling points and therefore increase its awareness and sales.
  4. 4. SOLUTION • Content management on Weibo, Wechat and BBS. • We edited and posted high value content on Chinese social media in order to show to the audience that Jaguar XJ2.0T is a « smart choice » and spread the word among them.
  5. 5. RESULTS • BBS exposure: a total of 67915 views and 112 replies. • We improved the public perception of Jaguar XJ 2.0T. The audience noticed the positive aspects of the car. • Plus, through this campaign, we educated existing and potential consumers about Jaguar XJ 2.0T, which helped us to improve brand awareness. Indeed, when users learn what a product does or how the product is created, they tend to be much more engaged.
  6. 6. Uncle Advertising is a full service agency providing creative advertising solutions, digital marketing and social connectivity strategies. We provide ‘creative solutions’ which build brands and businesses in China. We help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in chinese social media: Weibo and Wechat. For more information, please visit our linkedin company page Uncle Advertising (Scan our QR code), follow us on Twitter @ShanghaiUncleAd or drop us an email at Contributors: Chuck Chen, Elsa Bouillot, Josselin Roulet