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The Newest Trends in Social


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What’s hot and what’s not? There are so many choices when it comes to social marketing, but what is right for you and what type of content resonates with consumers? Video, lifestyle images, advertising options; they all have shifted, changed and become more sophisticated in recent years. Time to do a little spring cleaning and revamp and rethink your approach to social.

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The Newest Trends in Social

  1. 1. The Newest Trends in Social Shane O’Neill - VP, Fruchtman Marketing
  2. 2. Welcome to another educational session on Social Media The Newest Trends in Social
  3. 3. Social Media is becoming highly specialized. Even if you are working with an agency, there is only so much a third party can provide based on time and money. While they can be essential in driving strategy and managing advertising placement and buys, more and more retailers have someone internal to supplement those efforts. The Newest Trends in Social IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTENT: Each social channel has its own unique purpose and should have original content. Programs that share the same content over different channels isn’t an effective way to approach social media.
  4. 4. What Channels Should You Use If you’d like to run effective social campaigns, start by assessing what you can do… and do well. While there are many choices, we’ll focus on the following today: Facebook - Brand positioning, general news, all age ranges Instagram - Lifestyle, younger YouTube - Great if you can create video content… custom? The Newest Trends in Social
  5. 5. Get right with Instagram It’s time to up your Instagram game. Let’s look at how the best Instagramers use the platform… why should your business be any different? ● Instagram is about Lifestyle, almost a diary of your daily life. ● What’s your “Brand Lifestyle” and how can you incorporate it? ● Have store employees generate content including consumable, events or travel The Newest Trends in Social
  6. 6. The Newest Trends in Social
  7. 7. The Newest Trends in Social
  8. 8. Facebook & Instagram Stories Stories allow users to create a feed of sequential content that disappears within 24 hours of being posted. Story content can either be static photos or video. You can also choose to save stories. ● Perfect for time-sensitive content, sales and promos. ● Build up suspense leading into a big sale to keep people glued to your page. Something BIG is coming #mainstreetevent. ● Run a Stories ad to get your content out. The Newest Trends in Social
  9. 9. Instagram User Stories There isn’t a better endorsement than someone sharing your brand on their own page. You can then source that content. Consider encouraging your engagement ring customers to share the proposal on their page using #mymainstreetengagement The Newest Trends in Social
  10. 10. Video Video typically shows better user engagement as well as costs when doing social advertising. ● Facebook promoted posts ● Facebook Live ● Facebook “Video Creation Kit” - Create Video from Still Image and Text Assets. Built into Ads Manager and your Page Publishing tools ● YouTube Channel The Newest Trends in Social
  11. 11. Facebook GIF Advertising Like video GIF’s tend to have much lower CPA. They stand out and don’t require the same investment as video. How to make a GIF… simplest way is to use The Newest Trends in Social
  12. 12. Influencers in Your Local Market Local or Micro-influencers are an aspect of social marketing that are under utilized. Partner with those who have similar audience profiles. These can take form of: ● Influencer product reviews ● Ask influencer to feature your product ● Writing a guest blog for the influencer with link back ● Interview style from the influencer The Newest Trends in Social
  13. 13. Facebook Advertising The FB Ad platform offers robust options vs boosting Carousel Ads - Series of up to 10 images/videos with headlines, links and call to action. The Facebook Pixel - measure conversions, optimize your ads and targeting and gain insights about Facebook users who visit your website. Use for remarketing and lookalike audience features. The Newest Trends in Social
  14. 14. Facebook Advertising Brand Lift test - tests that allow you to see the effect your ads are having on your brand. Design up to three poll questions. ● Standard ad recall. Example: “Do you recall seeing an ad for [your brand] online or on a mobile device in the last 2 days?” ● Standard brand awareness. For example: “Have you heard of [your brand]?” ● Abstract favorability. “How would you describe your overall opinion of [your brand]?” ● Familiarity. “How familiar are you with [your brand]?” ● Recommendation. “Will you recommend [your brand] to a friend?” ● Action intent. “How likely are you to consider [your brand]?” The Newest Trends in Social
  15. 15. Reviews & Recommendations Reviews continue to be a driving force behind consumer purchasing decisions. Facebook Page Reviews - is updating to recommendations. Podium - Great platform to increase reviews in-store with web integration. Specifically Google reviews the also help with SEO. The Newest Trends in Social
  16. 16. Thank You for Attending!