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Landing a Big Fish: Key Strategies for the Acquisition of Large Brands and Fortune 500 Clients


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Land the Big Fish: Strategies for the Acquisition of Large Brands & Fortune 500
Slides from a short 20 minute version of this talk:
Session Description: We work with some of the biggest brands in the world to build them intricate WordPress & Mobile solutions. I often get asked how we land the big fish.

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Landing a Big Fish: Key Strategies for the Acquisition of Large Brands and Fortune 500 Clients

  1. 1. HOW TO LAND THE BIG FISH Basic strategies for the acquisition of large brands & the fortune 500 @justlikeair
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Shane & I run a 100% DISTRIBUTED agency.  
  3. 3. A COUPLE OF OUR FRIENDS (some people call them clients)
  5. 5. TIMEThey are SLAMMED but can’t push deadlines.
  6. 6. PARTNERSHIP The idea/strategy was pitched and " included your services.
  7. 7. PERSPECTIVESometimes the answer is right in front of them and they just need someone to point it out.
  8. 8. SKILLS Require  ‘rubygems’   Require  ‘atchoum’   Class  SneezyWeb  <  Atchoum      def  layout            html  do                  head  do   Their internal team lacks a specific specialty.
  9. 9. BureaucracyFill out Form 37A and we’ll get you an in-house designer 3 months from next Wednesday.
  10. 10. ACCOUNTABILITY They need someone to get things done.
  12. 12. LIFE IS SALESYour first huge client is already in your personal sphere. We got a project with Boeing through an intro from my dad.
  13. 13. SELL TO PEOPLE We get hired (and re-hired) by Fred, Sun, Dina,Nathan, Hillary & Beach…. eBay, SAP, Zillow, MTV, are just names. All our clients are real people.
  14. 14. USE WHICH-CRAFTGuide the options by defining a set of choices. Whichwould you prefer, a delivery timeline of 3 months with some shortcuts or 4 months done right?
  15. 15. BE PATIENTMy average intro to sale is 6 month – 2 years. Big projects with big companies take time to close.
  16. 16. JOIN THEIR TEAM Stop trying to sell them your shit. Be actively engaged infiguring out how they can win and how you can help. Don’t be afraid to say no.
  17. 17. NAVIGATE With a large company often comes large paperwork andbureaucracy. You must learn to navigate it. Ask for help often.
  18. 18. @justlikeair