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Family law of singapore


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Gloria James-Civetta & Co. is very renowned family law firm in Singapore.

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Family law of singapore

  1. 1. Family Law of Singapore Family law is an area of law which manages family related issues. In Singapore, Family matters can be classified into following categories: 1) Marriage Dispute or Divorce 2) Ancillary matters( Child Custody, Matrimonial asset division) 3) Personal protection and domestic exclusion 4) Adoption of Children Act 5) Guardianship of Infant's Act 6) Maintenance applications during subsistence of marriage Singapore has two different sets of family law: one for Muslims and the other for any other religion. Family law for Muslims is codified in the Administration of Muslim Law Act. Family law for non-Muslims is codified in the Wo e ’s Charte Legal expectations often inspire enforceable rules. The sole objective of Singapore family law is the resolution of disputes. Family law also encourages ethical behaviour and thereby educate the community about being a good partner and an excellent parent. A broader admiration of family law as including both enforceable rules and legal prospect of moral behaviour assists the law’s dual roles of settling disputes and educating moral
  2. 2. conduct. Parental responsibility in law is characterised by section 3 of the Guardianship of Infants Act (Cap 122, 1985 Ed), which gives supreme consideration of a judge in resolving any issue which involves a child should be to achieve the welfare of the child. It is therefore imperative to take assistance of expert lawyers who deals with family law in Singapore. Whether you are a spouse, a parent or child, they will guide you with all mentioned family issues such as Local and Expat Divorces, Judicial Separation, Deed of Cohabitation, Prenuptial Agreement, Deed of Separation, Deed of Reconciliation, Revocation of Deed, Marital Agreement, Civil Partnerships, Cohabitation Disputes, Custody Battle, Guardianship, Adoption, Maintenance, Enforcement & Variation of Maintenance, Personal Protection Order and Exclusion Order and other Family Disputes. Gloria James-Civetta & Co. is very renowned family law firm in Singapore. They have the largest teams of matrimonial lawyers, equipped with the essential resources to handle complex matrimonial proceedings. Their dispute lawyer team has an admirable track record in resolving matrimonial disputes. Their lawyers are well trained by the Singapore Mediation Centre for dispute resolution. 25 North Bridge Road #03-02 EFG Bank Building Singapore 179104 Tel: +65 6337 0469 Fax: +65 6337 0463