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Shane Hoey | UC Rockstar | Hello!


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The two minute pitch to get to know me, Learn more about me at

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Shane Hoey | UC Rockstar | Hello!

  1. 1. Hello!
  2. 2. I’m Shane Hoey And I live in Brisbane, Australia
  3. 3. ‘We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works’ Douglas Adams
  4. 4. Shane Hoey Reinventing the Modern Workplace thru creative use of collaboration & mobility with Skype for Business
  5. 5. UC Rockstar! I embrace disruptive technology I specialise in Skype for Business I automate with PowerShell Solid understanding of Infrastructure including Office 365/Azure
  6. 6. Technically Speaking I troubleshoot & solve problems I install, configure, administer & secure complex infrastructure. I scope, design & deliver technical projects
  7. 7. Professional Geek I have an appetite for gadgets I’m not interested in sales I’m not interested in management I am a technical expert who constantly learns & shares
  8. 8. Two-way Conversations MATTER!
  9. 9. Workplace of today Your Business fosters a culture that is creative and fun, supporting a flexible workspace that focuses on output not input, enabling work from anywhere/anytime.
  10. 10. You value your People Your business thrives because you engage and motivate each other, not because “People are our biggest Asset” that’s just a cliché.
  11. 11. Still with me?I’m guessing you answered…
  12. 12. Yes!
  13. 13. ‘Fun is Good’ Dr Seuss
  14. 14. My Motivation - Technology Whether it’s the latest gadgets, spending the day writing code or tackling complex technical challenges, this keeps me motivated.
  15. 15. To learn new technologies, combined with my extensive experience, and apply these to real- world situations My Motivation - Knowledge
  16. 16. But most importantly
  17. 17. Shane Hoey Delivering the Modern Workplace experience thru Collaboration & Mobility with Skype for Business
  18. 18. The Next Step Learn more about Shane Web Connect with Shane Email/Skype Twitter @shanehoey LinkedIn
  19. 19. Thanks!