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The socialized-professional

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The socialized-professional

  1. 1. 60 Years of Excellence in British Columbia 1951-2011How to surf the social media waveVol. 38 / No. 1 / 2011 The socialized professional A step-by-step plan to launch your social media presence Rules of engagement Strategies for implementing social media Jason Trefanenko, CGA Heather Maclean, CGA student Surviving the leap One CGA’s foray into social media 60 years young! Celebrating CGA-BC’s Diamond 40069088 Anniversary
  2. 2. Professionals Working With ProfessionalsBFL is Canada’s largest privately owned commercial insurance broker, providing professional insuranceand risk management services to CGA’s in all industries across Canada. previousBFL Vancouver Office Professionals: Commercial: Glen DeMara, CAIB, VP Business DevelopmentBradley Potter, ACII, CIP, Managing VP Grant Alsop, B.A., CIP 30 40 42John Wright, BComm, CMA, CRM, CAIB, EVP Western Canada Cathy Daniels, CIP, Commercial Claims Manager Shaun Freeman, CAIB Vol. 38 / No. 1Administration: Rex Hannibal, ACIIJosie Carlstrom, VP Administration & HR Connie Hanson, FCIP, CAIB, CRM FEATURES VIEWS SPOTLIGHTFreda Xue, BSc, MHM, CGA, Controller Alex Harrison Trudy Lindsay CAIB, FCIP, CRM 20 THE SOCIALIZED revised 08 taxmatters 05 associationnews Brenda Mendieta, FCIP, CRM Robin Messenger, AIIC PROFESSIONAL Everything you need Randy Nobbs, BBA, CAIB, CIP Social media expert Shane Gibson walks you to know about the tax 37 keepingTabs settlement process CGAs in the news and Alexandra Radziwill, B.A., CAIB, CIP through a step-by-step plan to launch your members on the move social media presence Colin Roberts, AIIC 12 techview contents Linda Simmons, CAIB Gabriel Vitus forecasts the 40 currentAssets Mark Skeans, BComm., B.A., CIP, CRM top trends for 2011 after A round-up of all the latest visiting the Consumer gadgets, technical gear Anne Taylor, CIP, CRM Electronics Show and apps Construction: 15 periscope 42 snapShots John Donovan, VP National Practice Leader Construction Integrate a high-performing CGAs out and about Danny Patten, B.A., VP National Practice Leader Surety 24 Rules of engagement coaching culture and Fred Moroz, B. Econ. Heather Lutze outlines five strategies for watch your organization implementing a social media policy in your successfully adapt to change 44 partingShot Jeff McLellan A Q&A with Lisa Payne, Shaun Thompson organization CGA, CFO and VP Business 16 ethics in focus Development for the BC Programs & Personal Lines: 26 The social CGA Evaluating an ethical dilemma Innovation Council Arlene DeLair, CAIB Manager Personal Lines & Fleet Services Lori Sutherland, CAIB Jason Trefanenko, CGA, describes how his firm uses social media to achieve business 60 Years of Excellence 38 publicpractice in Britishw objectives Edifier e Columbia 1951-2011 n Real Estate: Krista Remer defines the Christina Garson, CIP, CAIB, VP Real Estate Division 28 I am not a social media nine key behaviours 46 morethanNumbers Gareth McDonnell, MBA, ACII, CRM, CIP, VP Operations Real Estate expert that create a trust-filled Letting the data tell the Paul Duchaine, CIP, Real Estate Claims Manager CGA Merge Gupta-Sunderji makes a bold organization story Paul Murcutt, CAIB leap into Twitter, blogging, Facebook and Steve Storrey LinkedIn – and lives to tell the tale Scott Wallace, CAIB, CIP, CRM A proud sponsor of the 30 Style matters CGA celebrates 60 years CGA-BC Conference. Catherine Dunwoody describes the latest spring styles that will have you looking 60 Years of Excellence in British Columbia Reflections on the past and looking to the BFL CANADA Insurance Services Inc. your best in British Columbia 1951-20 future. Page 6 Freda Xue, CGA, Glen DeMara, Grant Alsop #200 - 1177 West Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C., V6E 2K3 Phone: 604-669-9600 Fax: 604-683-9316 Cover photo by: Ron Sangha outlook 03 Toll Free: 866-669-9602
  3. 3. COVERSocial media is changinghow we must communicate,market and lead By Shane GibsonS e Socialized Professional ocial media has permeated everything from CNN newscasts to intimate discussions at your local retirement home, where grandparents now share their grandchildren’s latest Facebook media speak about your behaviour, experience, social in uence and hobbies. If you’re looking for new employees, some of your brightest candi- When an executive tells me that their clients don’t do social media, I have a simple and accurate response:“Yes they do, you just haven’t gured out where they are and how you’re going to engage them.” -pro le pictures. It’s operating in the background while you’re sitting dates are already being courted by well-socialized companies with Take it a step further and ask yourself how socialized and discov- Social media is not a separate silo or discipline. In fact, companies inin your local co ee shop or searching online for stock advice. People a dynamic and transparent online presence. If you want to attract erable your brand is online. Does your presence consist of a single the B2B space like, Oracle, SAP, Intel, Accenture,are researching businesses, rating their last latte and even debating these candidates, your corporate social graph had better speak to website and a sparse LinkedIn pro le, or have you truly maximized GE and Siemens have found that it is most e ective when integratedthe Egyptian Revolution on a local news blog. at couple sitting them about the growth opportunities you o er employees, your or- your exposure on the relevant networks? e more consciously and with business and marketing processes. Social media has also givennext to you in a Blenz Co ee in Victoria? ey’re from Detroit, and ganizational value and your purpose beyond pro t. is is especially methodically you cra your online presence, the better chance you them a signi cant advantage over their less socially engaged com-they are there because one of their Facebook friends raved about the important when targeting generation Y, aka millennials born a er have to stand out from the masses. petitors.espresso on 1980. Despite the adoption of social media by mainstream society, many With that said, there is a common misconception that only kids marketers and professionals in the business-to-business (B2B) space So how do you start – and how do you do itHere are the hard facts and numbers: (a relative term for those of us over 35) use social media. e truth still question its relevance. right the rst time? is, Facebook’s growth from 250 million users in April 2009 to 600 I asked Je Booth, the CEO of (the world’s larg- million today is largely due to people over 45 joining the network. est online wholesaler of building supplies) how his company engages ere are many things to consider as you wade into the social media B2B versus business-to-consumer (B2C) markets, and here’s what he space. I have worked with everyone from individual accountants said: “Social media is not really about B2C or B2B, it’s about P2P, or and non-pro ts to Fortune 500 companies with well-developed person-to-person communications, and adding value.” social media presences and strategies. Even though these groups are Shane Gibson is Chief Social Officer for e reality is that most decision makers or their direct in uenc- diverse, the same principles for success apply – especially if you’reAs a CGA or business, why does this matter to you? Ten years ago Socialized!, a social media, training, ers use the web to nd information on a vendor and the individual just beginning.when you were looking for a new job or working on some new intelligence and seminar company. He is employees they are dealing with. Consider this: In our book Sociable!, Stephen Jagger and I put together sevenbusiness, the potential client or employer would call your references. also co-author of Guerrilla Social Media rules of engagement and a seven-step plan for those launching (orToday, they hit Google and look at your social graph, which includes Marketing and Sociable! http://socialized. - re-launching) into the social media space. Although the tools willphotos, blog posts, the people you are connected to and more. ese me or @ShaneGibson on Twitter. change (remember MySpace?), the rules of engagement will not.20 outlook outlook 21
  4. 4. e Seven-Step Launch Plan di erent formats or language. It is vital to understand that it’s not major Fortune 500 companies and some of Canada’s most suc- a lampshade on your head at the latest ac- counting convention a er-party, stop wear- 1 IDENTIFY YOUR GOAL It’s hard to measure your e ectiveness if you don’t have a goal. It could be as simple as in- about you. If you want to build a cessful high-tech rms. ing lampshades. Some people resist joining creasing your online in uence or blog tra c by X per cent. It could include multiple ROIs, such loyal blog readership or heighten Give more than your competi- Facebook for this very reason. Not joining as reducing recruiting, PR and marketing costs; increasing customer retention; and generating a engagement on your corporate tors think is practical or neces- Facebook, Flickr or Twitter won’t prevent certain amount of new business opportunities in a calendar year. Your goal will help de ne the Facebook page, the content has sary. Talk and engage more than others from uploading photos and informa- type and intensity of activity you engage in. Remember that most social media e orts don’t pay to be about your customer, com- others. You’ll soon build a strong tion about you. It just makes you oblivious immediately. If you are new to the space, it could take 6-12 months before the ROI really starts. munity or stakeholders. online network and community when it happens. e Rules of Engagement is doesn’t mean you are necessarily writing about them speci cally. What you are doing that will literally produce busi- ness and career opportunities daily. e same goes for corporate behaviour and social responsibility. In the past, a good PR team and well-placed advertising could 2 IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE AND NANO MARKETS To focus your content and e orts, you must rst know your target audience and the sub- groups or nano-markets within it. If you’re looking for career advancement, focus on corporate1 STOP PITCHING and having meaningful dialogue. is creating content and hav- whitewash most wrongdoings. Today, an decision makers in your sector and those that in uence them. Nano-marketing or hyper- AND START e pitch artist usually misses ing conversations about things DON’T BE A SOCIAL unhappy customer will share their nega- segmenting means that instead of broadly engaging senior executives, you break that segment CONNECTING e term “social media” can the opportunity. that educate them or help them solve problems or achieve their 5 SPAMMER, ENGAGE When we think of spam tive experience with 1,000 people online. A disgruntled employee who has been down by industry, geography and size of company, and have separate strategies for each. As a company, recognize that when you use new channels of communication and marketing yoube misleading. It sounds like DOERS WIN IN goals. is community-centric we think of emails o ering treated injudiciously will not just write a o en discover new untapped markets.something used to broadcast 2 THE GAME OF approach will help you build pharmaceuticals or free travel. complaint letter – they can deliver proof ofa message, like a digital bull-horn. In reality, it’s more like a SOCIAL MEDIA People who keep to themselves a strong and engaged online network. When people ask me Some marketers argue that mes- sages through LinkedIn, Twitter your wrongdoing to a site like WikiLeaks or a network of local bloggers that reaches mil- 3 PICK THE RIGHT PLATFORMS Not everyone should use Twitter or YouTube. Once you identify your nano-markets, ndtelephone, creating opportunities and lurk on social networks what they should blog about, I or Facebook aren’t spam because lions of eyeballs. out what tools and platforms they use and start there. In addition, always look slightly to the fu-for two-way communications. rarely pro t. Similarly, having a o en suggest that a good place you have opted-in to receiving e upside of this equation is this: if you ture by testing and educating yourself on new technologies and innovations that the market mayShowing up on the social web lot of connections or conversa- to start is the ten most common them. is is social spam – any are authentic and have strong personal and adopt. It’s always better to be a little early in adopting technology rather than late to the game.and pitching every person you tions won’t guarantee a return questions or concerns of your generic message sent to your organizational values, the new hyper-trans-meet for a career opportunity orbusiness deal is like showing up on investment. Social media is a content game. is content customers or stakeholders. contacts that is not of speci c interest or customized to them. parency will work in your favour. While your competitors are trying to hold back the 4 HAVE A SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY AND TRAIN YOUR TEAM Not having a social media policy before you launch is like handing your child the carto a cocktail function and pass- comes in the form of blog posts, BE FEARLESS IN YOUR At best, it’s noise, but truly, it’s an tide with antiquated policies, you can ride keys without driving lessons or a curfew, and then wondering why things went wrong. Aing out brochures while rudelyinterrupting conversations. is videos, status updates and even public conversations. Because 4 CONTRIBUTION TO COMMUNITY a ront to the trust and permis- sion your contacts gave you the wave. One thing to note: there’s a di er- ence between transparency and revealing good social media policy will not sti e innovation or make your organization less social. It will, however, give your team a framework of accountability and direction that will result intype of behaviour – online or most of the population uses the I started podcasting in 2004, to engage with them on a very con dential or proprietary information. If fewer missteps and wasted resources. Organizations you may want to emulate are Ford, Intelo ine – will quickly get you same blogging and social media regularly posting my 15-minute personal level. For example, if you’re unsure, don’t post. and the US Air Force, all of which have posted their very thorough social media policies andblacklisted. tools, there is a lot of content and programs on common sales you want to promote an event to guidelines online. It’s like a real estate agent noise out there. or leadership challenges and your LinkedIn connections, take 7 BE CONSISTENTposting all of their house listingson their Facebook page think- Move beyond creating content to becoming a thought leader. how to overcome them on my blog. I soon had many hours of the time to segment your contact base and only send the event Keep your identity consistent. Have a consistent message, online identity and 5 IMPLEMENT A LISTENING AND ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY Use social media monitoring tools like Twitter Search, PostRank and Google Alerts to nding it’s the social thing to do. ought leaders are doers who free content available online. information to those for whom tone. People want to know where you and/ business intelligence, identify stakeholders and see what people are saying (right now) aboutNo one cares about what you’re consistently contribute to their Several peers and even mentors it’s relevant. You may even write or your company stand. Social media allows your company, competitors and industry. Social media is more about listening than broadcast-listing until they want to buy online community and create expressed concern. ey thought di erent invitations to the same your organizational and personal values and ing and these tools are your ears and eyes on the web.a house. Of your 300 connec- content. eir content, however, if I gave my intellectual capital event based on particular de- personality to bleed through online.tions, only 10 at the most willsee it as relevant. e rest will is di erent. It’s unique and tai- lored to speci c target markets away for free, people wouldn’t hire me – why would they need mographic segments. is extra step will help you rise above the Another form of consistency is consistent presence. I have seen many corporate blogs 6 KNOW CORE PAINS AND DREAMS By listening to and engaging with your stakeholders, clients or future employers yousee it as noise, choosing to mute and communities. ought to? noise. Always look through the with three-month gaps between posts, or will learn how to be relevant. Observe and take note of their goals, challenges, interests andyour updates or disconnect leaders also create opportunities Because this was new ground, eyes of the reader and ask if your Twitter questions le unanswered for days preferred methods of communication. It’s not enough to have a general idea of what’s importantaltogether. Instead, the real estate for others to connect. is o en I could only trust my intuition. message is truly relevant, timely or even weeks. Facebook is littered with to your target nano-markets. To win in social media communications, you need to know youragent could be asking people includes starting online groups Instead of pulling back, I did and customized. thousands of corporate pages with hundreds market more intimately and in greater depth than the competition.about their favourite restaurants focused on speci c disciplines more podcasts, including inter- of unanswered questions and client com-in the area, interviewing localbusiness people and promoting or even o ine events where they bring their virtual connections views of other authors who were traditional competitors. I even 6 BE AUTHENTIC Be authentic because you ments. Having a Facebook page, Twitter account and blog isn’t enough. You need to 7 CREATE UNIQUE CONTENT RELEVANT TO YOUR NANO MARKETS Once you truly understand your nano-markets, take it to the next level. Start blogging,local charity events online. In into the real world to deepen gave away digital versions of our and your organization don’t have be consistently present. tweeting and creating content that helps them with their challenges and goals. Forget aboutaddition, they should take an relationships and create com- training manuals. What was the a choice. People used to worry Once you and your organization under- cut-and-pasting press releases, product info or any other types of me-focused marketing. Workinterest in what their network is munity. result? rough search engines, about “Big Brother,” but I’m stand the rules of engagement, you need on elevating yourself above “job seeker” or “marketer” and provide content and communitytalking about by commenting on podcast directories and refer- worried about the 500 people a solid strategy before you engage. Some engagement that positions you as a thought leader and network hub. If produced consistentlytheir updates and contributing topositive conversations. Almost 3 IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU Some people become puz- rals from executives who were subscribers, my blog and podcast on every city block armed with the ability to instantly post and people will tell you it’s enough to be social and well liked. at attitude can result in – coupled with being conversational – this content will help you truly socialize your personal and corporate brand.all business transactions or zled when we talk about unique became my number one source broadcast photos, video, tweets hundreds of wasted people-hours and a very Once you have launched, stay active, keep listening and be consistent. Social media is a messycareer opportunities begin with content. ey think it’s about for new business. Many of the and information. weak online branding e ort. Your social media: it’s more like a cocktail function than a tradeshow, and you will have to adjust youra relationship. at relationship sharing their company vision referrals or direct leads that are If you don’t want photos of media launch should include the following strategy as the tools and markets change. Stay exible, authentic, open and – most of all – beis started by making connections or latest product features using now long-term clients include yourself on the Internet wearing seven steps. Sociable!22 outlook outlook 23

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