Social Sales Training Intensive Part 2


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Social Sales Training Summary:

The Social Selling Intensive is an in-depth results focused program that will help you integrate social selling strategies with winning sales processes used by leading sales organizations globally.

• How to target the right client (online and offline) to maximize your return on sales efforts
• How to use social media and Social CRM to find new business, amplify your personal brand and improve your career prospects
• Step-by-step processes for using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to unlock business networks and beat the competition
• Powerful questions that help you close more and larger deals
• How to beat the competition with relationship selling
• 13 proven strategies to becoming a master networker

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  • Shane talks about Krisitan
  • Social Sales Training Intensive Part 2

    1. 1. Forget “social media” let’s just call it talking to customers
    2. 2. 1. You have hired morons – even if you trained them they would just be motivated morons. 2. You have so much profitable business that you couldn’t handle any more 3. Your product is substandard 4. Your company and culture have major issues 5. You haven’t or will not equip them
    3. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. It’s not marketing it’s talking to customers It adds to value added frequency versus just sales touch-points It opens up new channels It can save time Load balance your branding – we all become ambassadors 6. Immediate data instead of compiled and stale data 7. It makes them almost as smart as your customer 8. You can see the activity 9. It builds a passive pipeline and makes projections easier It builds a fence around the customer 10. It elevates sales people above pitch artist to trusted advisor
    4. 4. “… is about creating an environment where an act of faith can take place”
    5. 5. • Value added frequent contact consistently over time. • More value and more time means more trust
    6. 6. #1 Stop pitching and start connecting #2 Doers win in the game of social media #3 It’s not about you #4 Be fearless in your contribution to community #5 Don’t be a social spammer, engage #6 Be authentic #7 Be consistent #8 Leverage through influencers and community
    7. 7. 1. @Spam 2. Ask for Follow 3. Follow, unfollow, foll ow unfollow 4. Over automate 5. Pretend You’re a rockstar 6. Be an egg 7. Ignore messages 8. Forget your manners 9. Pick fights 10.Too much of a good thing 11.Auto-dm
    8. 8. 1. Full profile optimized for multiple screens 2. Post daily (many times) 3. Say thank-you 4. Follow-back 5. Build a tribe 6. Give to receive 7. Measure with Hootsuite 8. Get mobile 9. Have a content formula 10.Become an expert curator
    9. 9. Twitter Formula 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Morning Quote Post Content Post Some Tips Retweet Thank and Follow Help Someone Get Social Connect with Influencers
    10. 10. • • • • Customer/Community blogs and social networks • Competitor/Industry news, blogs, and social networks
    11. 11. SCRM Social email Values Preferences Data Relationship History Business Intel Personal Intel 360 view SCRM
    12. 12. • • • • • • Sharing Tools Industry Blogs Geographic and Vertical Specific News Experts list Zite
    13. 13. 1. Be referable don’t gather contacts or pressure for referrals 2. Be interested not interesting 3. You can’t have 200 best friends – prioritize 4. Add value with your network 5. Bank your equity (with the right people) 6. It’s a small town
    14. 14. Map and seek out the “white hot center” The more you give the more you get Do your due diligence before you refer Keep Promises, Follow-through Be seen Step it up every year – build your community 13. It’s an asset and it takes time to build. Invest. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
    15. 15. @ShaneGibson @AnthonyCaridi @mitchyballen #SocializedCamp