Social Media Boot Camp Malaysia Module 1


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Module 1: How to Win with Social Media - The Rules and Tools of Engagement
Social media has a new set of rules that marketers can follow or break (often at their brand’s peril). The tools will change over time, but the rules of engagement will stay the same. These are principles that your team can apply today and they are also business strategies that they can take with them as technology and the web evolve.
This session will focus on:
• The “New Rules of Engagement” for sales and marketing
• Best practices in Blogging, Twitter, and LinkedIn
• How to use social media and social networks to gather business intelligence
• 5 critical steps to implementing social media into your business (and as an individual sales professional and marketing professionals)
• Includes a social website checklist, sample social media calendars, and a quick social media self-assessment

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Social Media Boot Camp Malaysia Module 1

  1. 1. The Rules of Engagement With Shane Gibson @shanegibson
  2. 2. “I think that’sgoing tobreak.” @ShaneGibson
  3. 3. “The Customer Owns Your Brand” @ShaneGibson
  4. 4. Getting Branded @ShaneGibson
  5. 5. @ShaneGibson
  6. 6. @ShaneGibson
  7. 7. 900 million @ShaneGibson
  8. 8. 175 Million @ShaneGibson
  9. 9. 300 million updates/day @ShaneGibson
  10. 10. 3Billion Views/Day @ShaneGibson
  11. 11. @ShaneGibson
  12. 12. @ShaneGibson
  13. 13. @ShaneGibson
  14. 14. The Future is Now • Nearby restaurants • Shopping • Community workforce breakdown • Schools • Housing inventory and stability • Crime ratesBetter Homes and • Past pricing and sales on the home itselfGardens Real Estate @ShaneGibson
  15. 15. Return on Investment @ShaneGibson
  16. 16. Return on Investment @ShaneGibson
  17. 17. “If you think you are a leader and no one is following you... You’re actually just going for a walk” @ShaneGibson
  18. 18. “It’s not about B2B or B2C it is really about person to person.” @ShaneGibson
  19. 19. @ShaneGibson
  20. 20. The Reverse Drip @ShaneGibson
  21. 21. Rules of Engagement#1 Stop pitching and start connecting#2 Doers win in the game of social media#3 It’s not about you#4 Be fearless in your contribution to community#5 Don’t be a social spammer, engage#6 Be authentic#7 Be consistent#8 Amplify through community @ShaneGibson
  22. 22. Boeing@ShaneGibson
  23. 23.“Like many large companies we do not accept unsolicited ideas. Experience showed that most ideas had already been considered by our engineers and that there can be unintended consequences to simply accepting these ideas. The time, cost and risk involved in processing them, therefore, were not justified by the benefits gained.” - Boeing @ShaneGibson
  24. 24. Nano-markets @ShaneGibson
  25. 25. @ShaneGibson
  26. 26. @ShaneGibson
  27. 27. @ShaneGibson
  28. 28. George Moen – CEO, Blenz Coffee @ShaneGibson
  29. 29. @ShaneGibson
  30. 30. @ShaneGibson
  31. 31. Social media marketing is about LISTENING@ShaneGibson
  32. 32. “If you think you are a leader and no one is following you... You’re actually just going for a walk” @ShaneGibson
  33. 33. Thought Leadership“Leadership is influence.” - John C. Maxwell @ShaneGibson
  34. 34. If you sound like everyone else you’re not a leader. @ShaneGibson
  35. 35. @ShaneGibson
  36. 36. @ShaneGibson
  37. 37. What Platforms?Blo gs @ShaneGibson
  38. 38. IntegrationMake it part of your daily activitiesStart pulling listening feedsEngage, Lead, and ContributeMake it real at least once a weekRapport & Value = Mind Share = Wallet Share @ShaneGibson
  39. 39. Sociable! Book Launch @ShaneGibson
  40. 40. Getting Sociable! @ShaneGibson
  41. 41. Launch Plan1. Identify Your Goal2. Identify Your Target Audience and your Nanotribes3. Pick the Right Platforms4. Map out Social Etiquette and Policy (Rules and Tools Training)5. Implement Listening and Engagement Strategy6. Know Core Pains, Dreams and Goals7. Uniquely Communicate Solutions Mixing Marketing and Community @ShaneGibson
  42. 42. ResourcesSocial Media Podcast:http://closingbigger.netSocialized: me!@ShaneGibson @ShaneGibson