How Solid is Your Social Media?


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  • How Solid is Your Social Media?

    1. 1. How Solid is Your Social Media? @ShaneGibson
    2. 2. 900 million
    3. 3. 175 Million
    4. 4. 300 million updates/day
    5. 5. 3Billion Views/Day
    6. 6. Rules of Engagement#1 Stop pitching and start connecting#2 Doers win in the game of social media#3 It’s not about you#4 Be fearless in your contribution to community#5 Don’t be a social spammer, engage#6 Be authentic#7 Be consistent @ShaneGibson
    7. 7. @ShaneGibson
    8. 8. Use Multiple @ShaneGibson
    9. 9. Who blogs anyway? @ShaneGibson
    10. 10. @ShaneGibson
    11. 11. @ShaneGibson
    12. 12. @ShaneGibson
    13. 13. @ShaneGibson
    14. 14. @ShaneGibson
    15. 15. @ShaneGibson
    16. 16. @ShaneGibson
    17. 17. @ShaneGibson
    18. 18. Campaigns/Events @ShaneGibson
    19. 19. @ShaneGibson
    20. 20. “After accruing the initial 120 participants and anadditional 144 engaged influencers, the word ofmouth power kicked in, as those individuals, proudto have “earned” such specialtreatment, generated more than 4,600 tweetsabout the new route. This, in turn, led to more than7.4 million impressions and coverage in topblogs and news outlets like the L.A. Times andCNN Money. And all it took was making thoseoriginal 120 participants feel special.”Porter Gale – VP Marketing, Virgin @ShaneGibson
    21. 21. @ShaneGibson
    22. 22. Finding Influencers• Local Niche Bloggers• Journalists• Organizers• Back-links to local competitor or topic specific sites• Use Twellow and Klout @ShaneGibson
    23. 23. Pepsi Cultural Calendars• Demographic’s entertainment events• Community events• Significant milestones• Own a #tag in your community @ShaneGibson
    24. 24. @ShaneGibson
    25. 25. @ShaneGibson
    26. 26. Launch Plan1. Identify Your Goal2. Identify Your Target Audience and your Nanomarkets3. Pick the Right Platforms4. Map out Social Etiquette and Policy5. Implement Listening and Engagement Strategy6. Know Core Pains, Dreams, and Goals7. Uniquely Communicate Solutions Mixing Marketing and Community @ShaneGibson
    27. 27. Ford Social Media PolicyRules for Ford Social Media EngagementAt Ford Motor Company, our social media strategy involves connecting our consumers with our employees in the digitalspace whenever possible, and providing value to them in the process. As a result, we have specific rules for onlineengagement, which, amongst other variables, involves abiding by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s Code ofEthics.Ford will:Always request that our social media influencers be transparent and disclose their relationship, as well as anythingthey’ve received as a result of that relationship with FordInsist on honesty of opinion. We want both positive and negative reviews of our vehiclesOffer influencers engaging experiences that are worth talking about. We won’t be cutting and pasting press releasesinto e-mails in hopes someone will post themAlways carefully target our outreach to ensure that we aren’t “spamming” anyone with unwanted messagesListen carefully to suggestions and concernsCompensate influencers for consulting or other duties they do for Ford. This compensation will solely be for their timeas an advisor and will not include an expectation that they will write about the project – favorably or unfavorablyApologize quickly for any mistakes we make. No one is perfect and we are sure that we will make a misstep in ourefforts to engage with the social web, but we will be sure to learn from our mistakesShare this policy with all influencers we work withSource: @ShaneGibson
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    29. 29. @ShaneGibson
    30. 30. Learn More:Slides: http://closingbigger.netTwitter: @ShaneGibson