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Guerrilla Social Media Marketing for Realtors


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Guerrilla Social Media Marketing for Realtors. Presented by Shane Gibson at the Real Estate Marketing Summit in Toronto, Ontario

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Guerrilla Social Media Marketing for Realtors

  1. Guerrilla Social Media MarketingTurning Social Media Efforts Into Profitable Guerrilla Conquests
  2. Guerrilla Marketing“Achieving conventional goals throughunconventional means.”
  3. What is this?
  4. It’S a Weapon To This Guy:
  5. Social Media Is only a tool
  6. Facebook500 Million People
  7. Linkedin100 Million Professionals & Every Fortune 500
  8. Twitter150 million accounts - 90 million updates per dayWorlds 2nd largest search engine
  9. Guerrilla SocialMedia Marketers
  10. Guerrilla Social Media Marketers➡Imagination
  11. Guerrilla Social Media Marketers➡Imagination➡Innovation
  12. Guerrilla Social Media Marketers➡Imagination➡Innovation➡ Knowledge
  13. Guerrilla Social Media Marketers➡Imagination➡Innovation➡ Knowledge➡ Community
  14. Turning Free Into A Guerrilla Tool...
  15. Free as a Weapon
  16. Free as a Weapon
  17. Free as a Weapon •Nearby restaurants •Shopping •Community workforce breakdown •Schools •Housing inventory and stability •Crime rates •Past pricing and sales on the home itself
  18. Free and Variable as a Weapon
  19. Consent
  20. DiscoveryConsumption Interaction Connection Consent
  21. Starts With discovery
  22. Starts With discovery
  23. Discovery Engine
  24. Maximize Consumption
  25. ConsumptionConsistent Relevant Content and Conversations = Nano-casting
  26. Broadcast
  27. Narrow Cast
  28. Niche-Cast
  29. Scott Heiferman
  30. Nano-Cast• Facebook Groups• TVertical specific sites• Linkedin Groups and Sub-groups• Offline events and seminars (Meetups and Tweetups)• Webinars and Podcasts• #tags and Twitter lists
  31. ImportantNano-Casting Tool Being Sociable! = Getting Real!
  32. John Maxwell“One is too few a number to achieve greatness.”
  33. Dependent• On your team• Online influencers• Fusion partners• Customers• Other Guerrillas
  34. Tap into Nano-Tribes
  35. PlANNING AND LAUNCHING1. Identify Nano-markets2. Gather Intelligence3. Build content and conversations for each nano-market4. Work your social media calendar - PROFIT GOALS5. Target and connect with influencers and community6. Constantly refine and augment
  36. Guerrilla Social MEdiaYes I would love to speak at your next conference! @ShaneGibson