Ford Module 3 (Alberta FDA) Social Media


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  • Start is Shane. Mentions social media experts. Steve: We ’re amateurs all learning
  • Ford Module 3 (Alberta FDA) Social Media

    1. 1. Social Media Boot Camp Series Module 3 Blogging, Video and LinkedIn With Shane Gibson @shanegibson
    2. 2. Part 1 - Blogging• How a blog will give you an advantage over competitors that don’t blog• 12 key characteristics of a great blog• What to blog about• Video blogging and YouTube• How to build traffic and subscribers• How to launch a professional blog quickly and cost-efficiently
    3. 3. LinkedIn• How to build a media-rich LinkedIn profile that builds credibility and sells for you• How to prospect and make connections using LinkedIn• LinkedIn tips on saving time while keeping engaged• Setting up a business page• Tools and Tips for increasing your contact base
    4. 4. Islands
    5. 5. Ecosystem
    6. 6. Social Readiness?1) Website/blog platform: Is it basedupon a platform that is social ready? 7) Is it search engine friendly? 8 ) Does it allow community contribution2) Is it easy to upgrade and keep pace of content, ideas or questions?with social media advancements? 9) Does it include multiple methods and3) Does it offer multiple media to learn about how you can help?channels/media for two-waycommunications? 10) Is it easy for visitors to share all of your content on the web?4) Does it aggregate onlineconversations about your brand and 11) Are you proactively participating inindustry? communications and conversations on your site?5) Does it provide a launch point toyour social media outposts? 12) Is the content consistently updated and current?6) Does it provide industry standardblogging capabilities and plugins?
    7. 7. 2-WayCommunication Via Comments
    8. 8. Comments? #SMWVan
    9. 9. One Click Sharing
    10. 10. What to blog about?• Frequently Asked Questions (List 20)• New product launches and features (cool factor, fun, innovative, news)• Events on-site or in the community• Your take on local news• Your take on auto news
    11. 11. What to blog about?• Video (Yours and Others)• Twitter stream on a topic• Guest bloggers (experts, influencers, key staff)• Interviews via email, video, skype etc.• Seasonal Tips: Top 10 – Winter, Travel, Back to School, Safety, Performance, Trade-ins• Transcribe Audio/Video
    12. 12. Corporate Blogging Errors✘Marketing materials and brochure ware✘Endless event announcements with no added value✘Cut and paste corporate announcements and press releases✘Product and service pitches✘No comments or heavy moderation✘Not a personal voice
    13. 13. Launch a blog!- Domain Registration: Hosting and Wordpress Theme and design? - Socialized! Themes - Custom Themes - DIY or Free
    14. 14. Video• Can be faster to produce than text• Humanizes the message• Easy to distribute and repurpose• Additional SEO benefits• Smartphones make it mobile and instant• Increases conversions• Increases visitor stays
    15. 15. SEO• Search Engine Optimization• Title Tags• URL aka Slug• Content Density• Internal and External Links• Velocity of posting
    16. 16. Building reader base• Post content links (and partial posts) on social networks• Have an email subscription option• Notify customers and existing newsletter subscribers – use newsletter as a digest• Reciprocal guest blogging• Link from all other networks• Put it in print
    17. 17. LinkedIn
    18. 18. ResourcesTraining site: Media Podcast:http://closingbigger.netSocialized: