6 Months Industrial Project Training in PHP Delhi/NCR


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Multisoft Systems offers 6 months project based industrial PHP training in Noida, Delhi/NCR, and Dehradun. Our goal is to provide project based training to the students by skilled technology experts, Know more at http://www.multisoftsystems.com/6monthindustrialtraining.php

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6 Months Industrial Project Training in PHP Delhi/NCR

  1. 1. Software Development & Education Center PHP 5 (CORE)
  2. 2. Detailed Curriculum – Core PHP Introduction Classes & Objects Object based & Object Oriented Programming Three Tier Architecture HTML & significance of HTML in web development What is CSS & how it is helpful Database & its properties Difference between DBMS & RDBMS Why PHP is called server side scripting language Why it is useful in web development What are type shape & type loose languages Difference between various versions of PHP Compiler & Interpreter What is ZEND Engine Work of ZEND Engine Language Constructors Tags in PHP Data types in PHP Resource Management Constants & Variables Simple variable declaration Dynamic Variables Checking type of variables Changing type of variables
  3. 3. Loops Operators Precedence of operators Associativity of operators Operator types Identical & Comparison Operator String Declaration Arrays What is an array Why we use arrays instead of simple methods Types of arrays Indexed Array • Indexed array declaration • How to print single element from an array • How to print every value present in an array • General functions related to arrays Associative Array • Associative array declaration • How to single element from an associative array • How to print every value present in an associative array • General functions related to associative array Mixed Array • Mixed array declaration File Handling Creating a file Opening a file Reading a file
  4. 4. Writing into a file Closing a file Deleting a file Checking size of a file Checking existence of a file Sending the pointer to a particular location in a file Finding the current location of a pointer Check whether file contents end or not Locate the pointer at the beginning of file File locking File Uploading and File Downloading Functions Isset, is_null & empty functions Call by value & call by reference Local & Global Variables Pre & Post Increment & Decrement Operators Static Variables Global Keyword Types of Errors Methods for sending requests to server Super Global Variables Include & Require Explode & Implode String & Array Remaining Functions Header Function
  5. 5. MySQL SQL Introduction Connecting to MySQL Creating a database in MySQL via script Selecting a database Dropping a database Creating tables Inserting into tables Modifying a table Updating values in a table Renaming Grant & Revoke Functions Closing Connections Triggers Joins Fetching data from MySQL Database Session What is a session Initializing session variables Retrieving values from session variables Destroying session variables Cookies What is a cookie Types of cookies Initializing Cookie
  6. 6. Variables Retrieving cookie variables Destroying a cookie Object Oriented Concepts in PHP Public, Private & Protected $this keyword Constructors & Destructors Polymorphism Overloading Operator Overloading Function Overloading Overriding Inheritance Abstract Class & Methods Interface Final Class Exception Checked Exception Unchecked Exception Magic Methods Working with Regular Expressions preg & ereg functions Email validation String pattern matching PCRE expression
  7. 7. Working with XML The Extensible Markup Language (XML) Creating an XML Document Simple XML Parsing XML Documents Accessing Children and Attributes XPath Queries Modifying XML Documents Working With Namespaces DOM Loading and Saving XML Documents XPath Queries Modifying XML Documents Moving Data Modifying Data Removing Data Working With Namespaces Interfacing with Simple XML Communicating with Internet Services Sending Internet Mail Project: Sending an E-mail with a Mail Class Reading Mail with IMAP or POP3 Getting and Putting Files with FTP Performing DNS Lookups Checking Whether a Host Is Alive Getting Information About a Domain Name
  8. 8. Java Script What Is JavaScript? A Short History ECMA Script 3 The Document Object Model (DOM) The Browser Object Model (BOM) Syntax Variables Functions All about Events Cross Browsing Designing Understanding Web Site Design Structure Table Structure Div Structure Iframe Structure Working with DIV tag Working On DREAMWEAVER CSS What is CSS? Types Of CSS Types Of Selectors Hierarchal CSS
  9. 9. Industry Interface Program Projects 3 Assignments / Mini Projects 1 Web-based Project 1 Major Project Domains / Industry Retail Industry Banking & Finance Service E-Commerce Manufacturing & Production Web Application Development Research & Analytics HR & Consultancy FMCG Consumer Electronics Event Management Industry Telecom Networking
  10. 10. Training & Performance Tracking Knowledge related to current technology aspects and corporate level deliverable & Continuous training and assessment to make you industry ready. Throughout the Training Curriculum Candidate will go through a Scheduled Assessment Process as below: Continues Assessments Practical Workshops Modular Assignments Case Studies & Analysis Presentations (Latest Trends & Technologies) Tech Seminars Technical Viva Observing live Models of various projects Domain Specific Industry Projects
  11. 11. ZEND PHP Certification Path Why Become a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE)? Accelerate your Career Differentiate yourself from competitors when looking for a new job Boost your value at your annual salary review Get your resume/CV noticed Gain recognition from your employer Have your profile displayed in Zend's Yellow Pages for PHP Professionals Receive a special invitation to join the LinkedIn Group Exclusively for ZCE's Personal Rewards Be recognized as a proud and dedicated supporter of PHP Show your commitment to the spread and growth of PHP Help the community prove that PHP is reliable, stable and dependable Rewards from Zend Be listed in Zend's PHP Yellow Pages • Used by employers and recruiters to find top PHP developers worldwide • Personalize your listing by uploading your photo, inputting your company information, CV details Get certified and receive a free perpetual copy of Zend Studio and automatic invite access to the Zend Developer cloud at my.phpcloud.com Get special discounts on Zend PHP conferences worldwide
  12. 12. Skills Development Workshop Communication is something which all of us do from the very first day of our life, yet there is a question that haunts us most of the time “Did I express myself correctly in such and such situation?” The answer to this question is really tricky, because in some cases we leave our signatures and good impression but in some others we even fail to get our idea clearly. It happens mostly because we don’t know how to act in certain situations. Every time we fail we don’t lose completely, we do learn something, but prior knowledge of the same thing could be more beneficial because then we could have turned that failure into success. The course / workshop would focus at many aspects of personality, like: Building positive relationships with peers & seniors Building self-confidence & Developing clear communication skills Exploring and working on factors that help or hinder effective interpersonal communication Learning impacts of non-verbal behavior & Dealing with difficult situations and difficult people Workshops Consists of Following Activities: Personality Development Group Discussions & Debates Seminars & Presentations Case Studies & Analysis Corporate Communication Development HR & Interview Skills Management Games & Simulations Aptitude, Logical & Reasoning Assessments & Development