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Heal the planet - Conscious Giving - Environmental Education


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Heal the Planet is the destination for Environmental Education, Environmental Awareness, Conscious Giving and more.

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Heal the planet - Conscious Giving - Environmental Education

  1. 1. HealHeal TheThe PlanetPlanet
  2. 2. Heal The Planet • Heal The Planet is an online global community working towards a better future for all. We believe in taking initiative and working towards the common goal of making earth a better place to live in, for our future generations.
  3. 3. Heal The Planet • Each and every decision of individual, no matter how small it is, has huge impact towards their own health and the health of our planet. Our spending habits dictate manufacturing and many such manufactured products negatively affect our environment.
  4. 4. Susty Energy Education (SEED) • Susty Energy Education (SEED) focuses on growing and nurturing the youths by giving them education about the choices they are making and the impact their lifestyle is creating on the planet.
  5. 5. Fundraising • Fundraising is common way for schools to raise funds by selling products through these fundraisers. Our initiative known as Green Fundraising provides products which would not only raise your fund but also help in feeling good by doing something for the environment. Our Green Fundraising products are organic and non-toxic thus in turn helping to heal the planet.
  6. 6. Conscious Giving • Conscious Giving is an initiative to seek partnership with organizations that offer healthy products and believe in healthy living.
  7. 7. • Events – Heal the Planet Day, celebrated on 17 April 2016, celebrated life and the healthy way of living. This event was organized to educate people of every age about everything green.