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==== ====Check out the link below for more informations, ====Stem cel...
Adult stem cell benefits are providing an endless array of good news. Here is just a snapshot:• they have the capabil...
• A new cornea can be created using adult s/cells, which can repair eye sight.• Adult s/cells can improve your i...
Check out the link below for more informations, ====
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Age proof your whole body with a natural supplement colostrum and adult stem cell products


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A newly discovered secret to rejuvenating aging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles form when your skin’s stem cells grow dormant with age resulting in fewer new skin cells to keep your skin looking smooth and young. Stem Cell Therapy awakens your skin’s stem cells so they generate many new skin cells like when you were younger. This naturally smooths out lines & wrinkles, and makes you look years younger.

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Age proof your whole body with a natural supplement colostrum and adult stem cell products

  1. 1. ==== ====Check out the link below for more informations, ====Stem cells are the master cells of the human body. They are the foundation cells from which everyorgan and tissue in our body is created.One aspect of adult stem cells that makes them so promising is that under the right direction, theyhave the ability to stimulate, revive and repair tissue and muscle. S/cells also have the ability toenhance the effectiveness of the immune system.Adult s/cells circulate throughout our bodies and act as natural healers. Scientists have onlyrecently acknowledged that these cells have vast potential and limitless capabilities. Along withleading medical practitioners, Scientists now know that the number of healthy stem cellscirculating in our bloodstream (called endothelial Progenitor or EPG cells) is one of the greatestindicators of human health.Stem cell research has come a long way. Just recently, developments involving "adult stem cells"(those within our bodies from the day we are born) have created great excitement in the medicalfield. It is scientifically proven we can activate our own adult s/cells from our own bone marrowwith natural supplements. By doing so, we are better equipped to fight disease, remain healthyand prolong the ageing process for much longer periods of time.Colostem is a natural supplement that contains bovine colostrum. This natural health supplementtriggers the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood stream. These s/cells canthen migrate and adhere to any cell in the body needing repair. Once they attach themselves totissue/muscle/ligament or bone the repair and renewal process begins.These healthy energized cells, once in the blood stream get to work immediately and cancel outunhealthy cells. Healthy stem cells also strengthen the immune system which is the hub of ourbody.If your immune system is unhealthy your health can deteriorate rapidly which often leads to otherhealth challenges.Why we need to be taking Health SupplementsIn todays world it is so important we take health supplements. Our soils are extremely depleted.The majority of foods are way over processed and full of preservatives. Health supplements giveour bodies the vitamins and nutrients it so desperately needs.The benefits and a cutting edge Health Supplement
  2. 2. Adult stem cell benefits are providing an endless array of good news. Here is just a snapshot:• they have the capability to restore, revive and substitute any kind of tissue.• there is no possibility of the body rejecting its own stem cells or the body rejecting the newtissue formed.• some organs are now being grown with the help of adult s/cells. This provides enormoushope in the near future for those requiring donor organs and new limbs.• neurological injuries due to a stroke can be repaired.• they are capable of repairing damaged cardiac tissue, assisting those with cardiovasluarchallenges.• have the ability to make fresh, new healthy tissues.•Studies have shown that stem transfusions using adult stem cells helped type 1 diabetes byreducing their disease severity, re-setting the immune system and slowing the destruction of theirinsulin-producing cells. [Published: 22 June 2010 - Written by tobylee02 in section: Diseasessection of the Longevity Medicine website].• Adult s/cell replacement therapy and products are providing benefits to those withdegenerative diseases.• The National Institutes of Health states: "Stem cells have the remarkable potential todevelop into many different cell types in the body. Serving as a repair system for the body, theycan theoretically divide without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person is still alive.Adult s/cells are predominantly formed in the bone marrow. Once in circulation in the blood streamthey seek out problem areas, then renew and restore those areas."• Scientific evidence is emerging at a great rate to demonstrate adult stem cells can have anincredible effect upon your:Muscle and jointsSkinBoneLiverBrainBlood vesselsRenewal and repair of damaged tissue
  3. 3. • A new cornea can be created using adult s/cells, which can repair eye sight.• Adult s/cells can improve your immune system and restore your health providing you with amuch improved quality of life.Available Now - A Natural Adult Stem Cell Health SupplementColostem is a significant break through product that comes in capsule form specifically designedto increase adult stem cell release from your own bone marrow. This anti aging activator ischanging lives. Its a natural health supplement that is scientifically proven that offers:• Increased activation of s/cell production enabling more of your own stem cells to benaturally released into your blood stream• Anti aging benefits• Stimulation of growth and regeneration of muscle, skin cartilage and nerve tissue• Increased metabolism, burning fat and the building of new lean muscle tissue• Antioxidants that boost the immune system• Heals and repairs the body at a great rate• The best natural source of growth factors to heal and protect the gut wall• The best natural source of antibodies to destroy and neutralize the pathogens that causeillness• The best natural source of growth factors to health and protect the gut wall• Ingredients that have a positive effect on the live, gut and brain functionThese latest discoveries are proving to be profound. Not only are they providing many new healthadvantages and techniques to be progressed, they are also enabling many road blocks that havestood in the way of evolution to be finally broken down.Adult Stem Cell science holds phenomenal promise in all arenas of human healing no matter whatyour age or your current state of health.To find out more visit: Source: ====
  4. 4. Check out the link below for more informations, ====