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Cindy's book review.


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Cindy's book review.

  1. 1. IS HE A GIRL?Written By: Louis Sachar Book Reviewed By: Cindy Kim
  2. 2. Main Characters
  3. 3. Main Characters
  4. 4. Main CharactersMarvin Redpost is a silly boy who thinks it is fun to bea girl.Casey is a weird girl who told marvin how to be agirl.And had a ponytail on side of her head.Pasty Gatsyb is a kind girl but no one plays withher.She always play with jack by her self.And everybody teases her.
  5. 5. Grabber
  6. 6. GrabberDo you now how to be a girl?If you don’tyou could find out in this story.In thisstory Marvin changed in to a girl!Do youthink he could come back to a boy?
  7. 7. Summary
  8. 8. Summary A girl named Casey tells Marvin how to be a girl.She said “If you kiss your elbow you could be a girl.” So Marvin did and changed to a girl!Every thing was normalbut later he new that his habit was changing.He wanted to turnback in to himself but it was not so easy to kiss out side of yourelbow after you kissed once.One day when they was lining up to go to the park Mrs.North who was a teacher said get the partner.So Marvin got partner with Pasty.Every body got shucked because Marvin was the one who said Pasty was wired.At the park Marvin went to top of the spider web. He accidentally stepped at the wrong place and tangled him self.while he was tangled he new that is mouth was touching his elbow and finally he came back a boy again.When Marvin became a boy, he reminded him self not to tease girls.And try to play with girls.
  9. 9. Personal Response
  10. 10. Personal Response After I read this book I learned that teasing isreally bad.And it could hurt other person’s feeling.We should think about other people’s feeling when you tease them.You should also think how you would feel when other people tease you.
  11. 11. Opinion/Recommendation
  12. 12. Opinion/Recommendation~I think it was kind of weird about being a girl. However, the book was hilarious.~I want to recommend this book to everyonebecause it doesn’t have any bad words and we could laugh while we read.
  13. 13. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!!!!